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  1. skarstoker


  2. As if this good But mine is better ... I made of cardboard and cellophane paper and games are a person in handling puppets naaa just kidding BBB good job any day I'll play a game to see who is the father of fathers in MK, You Know - papi Skar lol jajajajaja Saludos Atte Skar Stoker
  3. hello hello

    as have you been?

    hope you're well


  4. do not thank me ... you too are part of it, many of the themes are yours ... ^ ^

    and secondly, that the good that has been useful for all ...


    Stoker Skar

  5. Hey buddy, just wanted to say thanks for all your work on the autokustom wheel app you and koolB did. It works really well, especially for a beta. I just put together a resource pack for doing wheels on my vert themes and it works great. Top notch dude!!!

  6. hello koolbrez

    hope you're well

    well I made good progress on the project, but I have not heard from you

    send me a message, to see if you are still alive


    Stoker Skar Corvinus

  7. sorry, I forgot

    To adjust the margins:

    1 .- Select strechImage first

    2 .- then set maximum width

    3 .- then set high maximum

    4 .- deselecionar strechimage for automatic adjustment depending on the height and width

  8. hello brother

    good and complete the change, review it to give me your opinion, today I

    out, so I upload it to mediafire for you to come down.



    Skar Stoker

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