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  1. I used a putty knife as well. Worked a treat. I actualy placed the putty knife in between the rails and the wood to get the best result without scratching the steel surface.
  2. Thanks for the replies my friends ! This should get me started for sure. Well, I obviously have some more reading to do, but it'll get my in the right direction.
  3. Looks really amazing ! wow !
  4. As an addition in my pincab I am considering adding some emulated games and a controller/joystick. But have no clue where to start. I've started reading threads over at HyperSpin, but after one hour I got dizzy from all the information. Even checked out some tutorials on Youtube. Perhaps one of you guys has done this and can shine some light on this to help me get started. I noticed several downloads Hyperspin HyperHQ Hypertheme Hyperpause HyperSynq HyperLaunch HyperLaunchHQ Every download has different versions as well. Do I need all those ? Or will the new v3 hyperlaunchHQ suffice for everything ? I understand I need to get ROMS from somewhere else and build up my .XML Perhaps rename the ROMS either manually or with the help of a tool. That's not the real problem here. But there are so many Hyper* programs, I completely lost track. It's no problem at all for me to tinker software, .ini's, .xml's or .ahk's. But I don't want to clutter my cab with software I don't need. Thanks for any advice or the push in the correct direction !
  5. Didn't they try the kickstarter last year as well, but failed ?
  6. Nicely done. Could you shine a light on how you implemented it in Hyperpin ?
  7. Building the thing is 80% of the fun
  8. You're building one monster of a machine It will eat pin tables for breakfast lol
  9. I was just thinking... When you use digital LED's with a WS2801 chip you only need two ports on the Arduino Uno for controlling 100 individual RGB leds. This could give a spectacular light show, or even ambilight function using adalight. Hmmm...
  10. Thank you so much. With all this candy I might be able to create some art for my cab ! I'm still a total n0oB when it comes to Illustrator though. So I'm in for a steep learning curve I'm afraid.
  11. wow, thanks a lot for sharing these. Me too am still in art development and could really use some of these characters. So any .ai would be more than welcome and really appreciated
  12. Thanks a lot. I still remember the moment I first heard the term "lockbar" and had no clue what it was
  13. Mediafire still does a decent job too. I indeed never ever install an .exe when asked to.
  14. Did you pre-solder the wires and the tabs of the LED ? Because you have to. As far as the solder goes, I used 60% tin 40% led soldering wire. A small 16 watt soldering iron is more than enough. ---- Sent from my iPhone 4S using Tapatalk
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