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  1. I keep hoping 8bitdo will make a 6 button sega controller. Their snes and nes controllers are so well made, they match my og controllers exactly.
  2. Depends on the emulator. I find the touch controls on the .emu series to be pretty responsive, especially for gameboy games. Truthfully tho I bought one of these So I wont have to use the touch interface.
  3. That happens a lot in nightlies becuase the devs dont usually change the app ID unless its a major release. Uninstalling 1st is the only way around that.
  4. Ouch, is it safe to assume the mame2014 will make a reappearance in the online updater?
  5. Thanks do you know if they've confirmed whether or not the older mame cores would be a permanent part of their core library? While its cool to have a bleeding edge version of mame from git seems it would be a little more troublesome to constantly update my android setup the same way I update my pc romset
  6. Is it possible to grab that mame2014 core and use it in the current version of retroarch? I wasn't seeing it listed in the core updater.
  7. Amazingly, runs as fast as it did on my HTPC. I now prefer using my shieldTV over my other emuBoxes.
  8. Ok so i found an app today that shows all these arguments for android apks, and it doesnt require root. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sika524.android.quickshortcut Its for making direct shortcuts to specific app functions, but it shows all the "activities" that we use to launch roms through hyperspin. Run the app look for the emu you want to run then tap on it it will show you all the activities for the apk. There may be multiples, but it will be one of the activities listed.
  9. Is there a guide somewhere to getting game and watch running? I cant find the core in retroarch update menu. As for the experience I love it! I've been building htpc's for hyperspin for myself for years (even built one into a snes once). Its always been good but something occasionally will go wrong either Bluetooth controller issues or loosing focus on emulators. It wasn't perfect but it was really fun. I bought a shield tv because of your work on hyperspin and kinda had my fingers crossed as I've never owned a shield device, and I was already happy with my combo of htpc and my roku. I'm really glad I did, Hyperspin on shield is the best experience I've had with this frontend. For the most part everything seems to just work, and if it doesn't a little tweaking and thats it I never have to mess with it again. I find myself actually playing more of my classic games because its as accessible as netflix is. Love your work on this port of Hyperspin, and as hyperspin grows I really hope your android version grows right along side, as it's made all the years I've been tweaking my HS setups seem worth it. It's completely replaced my previous setups.
  10. Yes works perfectly thanks, trying to find other games that support bluetooth/HID controllers so I can add them to my android wheel thanks!
  11. works great using this as the game name in the xml:
  12. Ah ok I must have misunderstood. So in the xml for the android wheel do I have to put com.ducktales as the game name for it to launch correctly?
  13. I recently sideloaded Ducktales Remastered to my shield tv. I've been trying to get it to launch from hyperspin's main menu but after choosing the game HS crashes to the dashboard. this is what my exe command looks like: I also tried a version without the activity added: Neither of these seem to work, is there something I'm doing wrong?
  14. I finally got the mupen64 nightlies to work im using the 2015-07-16 11:08 build and these are the parameters: Note that you have to unzip the roms for them to actually load.
  15. I extracted the apk form my shield tv then copied it over to my nexus 7, but when I run it, it shows a black screen for a second then quits. I'm not sure how JomaMaaster got it running.
  16. Ok after messing with master gear some more I found that the argument: Does in fact work, but you need to pass it roms that have the extension .gg. Zips do not work when loaded from command line. I imagine the same is true for other Garage game emulators
  17. So the only way iv'e figured out how to find the ".mainactivity" is to run a logcat on a rooted device. But from what I'm seeing so far all the emulators that currently work with hyperspin have those arguments here in the forums or on that link you posted. The only emulators i cant get working right now are the new mupen64 alpha, and the garage games emulators. I got the launch arguments from a logcat, but for mupen it still returns emulator not found, and for mastergear (a garage game emulator) it finds the emulator and loads it, but does not load the game and leaves you at a black screen. edit: If anyone is curious the argument for the mupen alpha is but it doesnt work for me
  18. Ok he responded with this unfortunately that's greek to me, do you know what he means?
  19. Thanks just shot him an email, hopefully he responds.
  20. Yea i figured, does anyone know what the alpha command line is?
  21. Can I get a setting for Garage Games Master gear emulator? I tried "exe=com.fms.mg/com.fms.emulib.MainActivity" but when the emulator loads all I get is a black screen. Running the roms directly through the emulator works fine.
  22. Do you know what the launch parameter is for this build? "Mupen64Plus AE exe=paulscode.android.mupen64plus/paulscode.android.mupen64plusae.MainActivityparameters= " doesnt seem to work
  23. I was setting up Mame today and noticed there are options for clones to use the parent roms videos and themes would it be possible to add the ability to use the parent roms wheels as well?
  24. As of the 1.62 build mame and mess are merged, i think several of these table top games were added just before then.
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