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  1. Your really on top of all this stuff, just wanted to say thanks. Currently enjoying hyperspin+8bitdo snes controller on my Shield TV.
  2. Also in the case of nes which of the two do you prefer, iNES or nes.emu?
  3. Thank you, that was going to be my next approach, just wanted to see if i was the only one with this problem. The latest nightlies seem to be gearing towards android tv compatibility, and with that I think they are also depreciating the ui to something more tv friendly. Here's hoping their stable builds are useable in the future. thanks
  4. Finally got Hyperspin running on my shield tv but now there seems to be issues with retroarch. I've installed 3 different builds and I keep running into the same problem. Here's the rundown of whats happening As a side note I tried to force close retroarch but it doesn't show as running in the app menu. If I run retroarch directly after that contra is still loaded so its definitely running in the background. The only way to get retroarch to load another game is to either restart the shield tv or uninstall and reinstall retroarch. This problem also happens when not using hyperspin at all. Backing out of a game in retroarch and choosing another has the same result. Anyone run into this issue, is there a specific build of retroarch I should be using? Thanks
  5. It does, but I just realized that HS on pc will still work without the Front-end and main menu media folders. I removed those folders to slim down the HS install on my shield tv, added them back and now its running fine. Thanks!
  6. Just got my shield tv. Went through the basic setup for NES and copied it to the root of the device. But when I run hyperspin the screen flashes then goes back to the main menu. Anyone got this working on the tv console yet?
  7. Pre-order, ship date on my invoice is june 2nd so not that far off.
  8. Just ordered a shield tv pro, Looking forward to using Hyperspin for android.
  9. Hows performance on the shield console? Between that or the tablet which do you prefer?
  10. Man this is making me consider getting a shield tablet. Nice work! Would this work on a nexus 7 if i had the .apk?
  11. it would be cool if you could highlight the parent rom in HS press a button then it takes you to a wheel of its clones.
  12. Thanks looks like the issue I was having was HS requiring the full path to RL.exe since it was in a folder. Probably a bug.
  13. Does RL work with the current 1.4 beta? how would I switch between that and HL2?
  14. Were you able to extract the swf from the disney site? If so we could turn that into a standalone executable so it doesn't have to run in a browser.
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