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  1. Worked great, thanks. Guess I need to go through my wheel and see which themes have sounds baked-in and find alternates.
  2. Hmm no luck here. Looks like I already cleared those out before. I just opened the Robocop theme in HyperTheme for kicks and the sound bite plays when I test the theme.. 'dead or alive you're coming with me' So I guess that confirms it's embedded in the theme. I unzipped the theme and there is no sound file present. There is one 'Shockwave Flash Object' file (Artwork1) so I guess it has to be part of that. No idea on how to remove the audio from it though
  3. Hi I have moved our arcade machine to the main floor and I'm trying to silence it when running in attract mode. Some game themes seem to have sound built into them.. Assault and Robocop as examples. I believe there are embedded into the themes themselves as I've removed all the game sounds, etc in all the Hyperspin media folders. Can anyone advise me on how to remove these or silence them? Thanks in advance..
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