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  1. Oh well thanks anyway guys I'll have to live with it.
  2. Thanks I just need it for this one game so I don't want to change my escape key mapping for all of mame. The ini is created for the game and it has the confirm_quit parameter 1 I think the problem is in the way rocketlauncher/hyperspin exits. It just kills the game and misses that parameter?
  3. So I find myself constantly bumping my Exit key when playing Golden Tee, not fun. I'm looking for a way to add an exit prompt to that game. I'm running Mameuifx and did find a check box option under Miscellaneous for 'Quit confirmation on exit' which is exactly what I want. I press Exit and a prompt comes up: Are you sure you want to quit? Press "Enter" to quit, Press "Escape" to return to emulation But it only works when launching games from the Mameuifx interface. It will not prompt me when I exit a game from Rocketlauncher or Hyperspin. Any ideas on how to make this work from Hyperspin or perhaps another option? Thanks
  4. Thanks I can't seem to preview those but I downloaded them all and I'm sure one of them will work out. Will try and give Hypertheme a go as well
  5. Hmm maybe it does. I'm using Giga's build which I don't think came with PC Games installed. No experience with Hypertheme yet.
  6. Hi guys. Have done a lot of searching but haven't had any luck. Looking for a Default PC Games theme. I have only found a Main Menu theme. I have a bunch of misc PC games my kids like to play (Hamsterball for example) and would like generic theme so I can add a wheel for them. Any help would be appreciated...
  7. Oh, is the current version working ok with Future Pinball? I thought people were having issues. Guess that was a while ago when I read that. On the other suggestion, my cabinet is not connected to the internet. And I don't really want it to be.
  8. Was gifted one of these yesterday, bit of an upgrade from my lowly 9500GT. Hoping someone running one can tell me the best driver to use. I run VP and FP. Thanks in advance..
  9. What I'm saying is that Hyperpin will see both secondary flipper buttons as a Ctrl press using your device. So there will be no way to spin both forward and backward a letter, both buttons will do the same thing. Can the secondary flipper button inputs be changed on the device?
  10. Question for those of you running this. How are you handling the 'back a letter' in Hyperpin? I think the majority of us use our second flipper buttons to spin back and forth an entire letter. The Hyperpin config sees only one Ctrl press, there is not a keycode for right and left. And as far as I know joy inputs can't be used. Thanks
  11. Hi guys. Wondering if anyone has ever used one of these as a DMD monitor? Everything runs to it via a USB cable. Seems it would eliminate the need for a second vid card to run the DMD? Thanks http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/aoc-aoc-15-6-widescreen-led-monitor-e1649fwu-e1649fwu/10191474.aspx?path=026070833be4c6b7606880fe155f8295en02
  12. I have, they are great as long as you're not running a 60-in-1 board. All the Dells I have tried with the 60 will not fill the screen completely. Look on ebay.ca and you will find the better quality 19" Dell Ultrasharp for $50 or less.
  13. I've used these in all my bartops. Cheap, small, nice sound and USB powered: http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=bsd&cs=04&sku=313-7362
  14. Nice work Chris. Can I ask why you are going with the lowered playfield on this one? I am planning cabinet #2 and I just don't understand why everyone is making them like this now. I did my first one flush with the sides like yours and I love it like that.
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