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  1. I love the new design. Its slick and easy to navigate for me and I love the "New" under topics I haven't read. Great update.
  2. Honest question, when do you find the time for all of this? I hope everyone appreciates your hard work!
  3. What would be your budget? i think that would help with suggestions. For some people, not a lot is $300, $500 or $700.
  4. Wow, 8 GB of ram? I guess I can stop following this topic with my 8 GB total PC, Ha!
  5. https://github.com/superjamie/lazyweb/wiki/MAME-Clones-Worth-Playing So I was looking through trying to find others and came across your exact list somewhere else.... It says references at the bottom, but it's the entire list with the comments! Wow...
  6. I will say that emulators are still mainly CPU based rather than GPU based and single thread processing. I think that setup would struggle with Cemu as my current G3258 overclocked stutters at time and it has a better single thread CPU performance than your chip. 16 GB of Ram is also overkill when even the CEMU is only suggesting 6GB or more. I think Intel chips are still the way to go as they generally have the higher single core performance. In my opinion I would spend more on CPU power and wait on a GPU.
  7. Gig, have you seen this video. That would be really cool. An auto rotating screen!
  8. Impressive. Although I cant imagine even scrolling through 100 systems to find the one I wanted.
  9. I came across this site and saw that posts on here were from 2 years ago. It seems like a really cool idea to get some playable use from old games rather than just beating them. Does anyone have any experience with using this with hyperspin? Http://retroachievements.org
  10. I am mostly done with the build. The frustrating times were from me getting parts that did not fit and having to wait for things to ship from China. Other than that I am happy with how the build is going. I am going to overclock this also so a less powerful pc would not work for what I have planned. I want to run ps2 and gamecube. Thanks for the heads up anyhow though. -John
  11. Long Overdue Update: New hard drive is installed into the top of the case, will upload a picture tonight. The USB extension cords I purchased were too long and don't fit in the case, so I wont be using them. I tried to cut and solder them but it was a disaster so I ended up just scrapping them and ordering 4 shorter cords. Of course these parts come from China so I will be waiting another two weeks for them to arrive. I started up the PC with the case open and everything connected. It worked I am happy to say, and I was able to install windows 7. I will work on getting hyperspin on to it sometime soon as I am wanting this project to be finished!
  12. I will post my temps once I get it up and running. Right now I am waiting two days for delivery of the new hard drive and then I have to find someplace to solder where I don't set off smoke alarms, the usb cords I ordered are way too long so I need to do something to shorten them. I also have to solder the light for the power button.
  13. Those are outtake fans. I'm assuming the hot air will pool at the top of the case.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  14. Yea I did start with a 2.5 in my list. I was 0-2 in my changes I tried to make. The good thing with this is I could also add a SSD down the line since I will probably mount the smaller hard drive under the motherboard. Here are the updates: Fans have been secured to the top of the case to allow more airflow, they will both be controlled by the motherboard. Switched back to the first version of the power button that I made. I was able to better secure it to the case and it works much better now.
  15. Hit another bump in the road. The hard drive doesn't fit with everything. I need to get a laptop hard drive to mount to the top. I will have more pictures up tonight those as I have a little more work done.
  16. Update: So I got a little delayed with the holidays and family stuff. My wife got pregnant again somehow so I didn't have much hobby time until this week. I spent most of this time debating back and forth on the front power/reset buttons and decided to go back to the original new buttons I ordered. The one's I was trying to create the button with were the original and in the end it just didn't feel right or work as it should. I raised the motherboard up a little to allow me to wire underneath and also so the power buttons would not interfere with the motherboard. I carved out the back and put in the hdmi input and power output. It turned out decent but if anyone has any other ideas let me know. If you can believe it, I am still waiting on some parts to arrive. Apparently if you order parts from China they arrive within 3 months, maybe. I wouldn't even know how to track them based on the number I got but they are still within the time frame and have emailed me to let me know they are still on their way. I put in the noctua cooler which looks awesome and was the only reason I could raise the motherboard. My next update will be putting on the top fans to top of the case. I am still waiting on the parts for the my front panel USB ports and my hard drive brackets to mount to the top of the case. Let me know what you guys think and If you have any other ideas for ways to make this better. Thanks, John Don't mind the white on the bottom of the case, apparently you aren't supposed to put super glue on acrylic since they don't react well. I wish they would've taught me that in chemistry. Back panel Top View
  17. Has anyone looked at this? It seems interesting to me and quiet powerful for the money. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pine64/pine-a64-first-15-64-bit-single-board-super-comput
  18. Still waiting on the Noctua cooler. I wanted to put something on it thought so it didn't look silly for the picture. I am still working with that button. I think I will add a spring to it so it works like normal, right now it gets stuck sometimes which would be an issue. I will be adding the LED back in also, I just need to figure out how it fits. I think I will have to do what you said and cut it down so it fits. Thanks! Two of the fans will be attached to the top of the NES case where the air opening is. I will be cutting the inside part of the opening and using those two attached to the case fan on the motherboard, just waiting on a splitter for that. The third fan I am undecided on where it will go. I was thinking of making it and intake fan and putting it on the side where the Yellow/ Red cables went but I am not sure if it would be a big enough hole to create airflow.
  19. I will take some better pictures tonight also. I swear those looked good on my phone.
  20. Update: So I have glued down my plexiglass with apoxy and it is really sturdy now which is nice. I have drilled holes and put the hard drive in place temporarily so everyone can see it. I decided to ditch the real NES button mechanism as it ended up being too close to the motherboard and I was worried about shorting it out. A quick note to anyone, do not use crazy glue on plexiglass, it basically burns the plexiglass and leaves it cloudy. I used that on the seams and you can see in the in the pictures, no big deal though. My next step is to cut out the underneath vents on the top of the NES so I can install my vent fans. I also need to setup my HDMI output and power to the back on the NES, USB ports relocated to the front, mount the hard drive to the top of the case. I am waiting on a few parts to arrive for those things. I will also try to wire as much as I can under the motherboard and attached to the bottom of the case as there is some room and it would look cleaner.
  21. Update: Parts are all in and shown in the picture. It took me so much time to cut the plexiglass to fit the bottom of the NES and I think it turned out pretty terribly. Thankfully no one will ever have to see it. I have a new respect for anyone who has perfectly fit a bottom to their NES as it was the hardest thing. My dremel which was supposed to have a 3 hour battery life had more like a 40 minute battery life. This and a 9 month old delayed the process. I am going to glue down the plexiglass tomorrow. I am planning on not cutting out the back of the NES and will be rerouting 4 USB ports to the front of the NES when you open up the lid. Later on i will have the NES inputs working to the other USB ports but for now they will be dummies. I am still working on which way will be best to set up the motherboard. I already had to shave down the Reset button which isn't a huge deal since I was only planning on having the power button working. I look forward to soldering and burning my fingers more than the pieces of plastic from the NES did.
  22. I love my puny setup. I have 1 gb of games and have many systems complete up to n64, then for all new systems I excluded the Barbies Dream House type games I will never play.
  23. Same one is 96 on jet with the 20% discountSent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  24. I have done a little research on getting the cheapest prices for stuff. I believe that currently the cheapest HDs you can get are on Jet.com. They currently have a special running where you get 20% off your first order. A TOSHIBA X300 HDWE150XZSTA 5TB will cost you $125.90 with free shipping. It is the best deal I think you can find including black Friday deals. https://jet.com/product/TOSHIBA-X300-HDWE150XZSTA-5TB-7200-RPM-128MB-Cache-SATA-60Gbs-35-Desktop-Interna/dd0445d8dfa54afc8e6eb1aaa77e7988
  25. Update: Finished cutting out the T shape in the NES. I think it turned out decent, I will be putting a lexan plastic to cover up the hole created. I have some ideas that I hope people will find interesting, I just hope I will be able to make them happen. Here are the picture updates. I roughed up the inside of the case so that the plastic will bond better once I glue it. I know the NES is a little beat up but that was the condition that I received it in and I will be keeping it in that condition.
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