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  1. I love the new design. Its slick and easy to navigate for me and I love the "New" under topics I haven't read. Great update.
  2. Honest question, when do you find the time for all of this? I hope everyone appreciates your hard work!
  3. What would be your budget? i think that would help with suggestions. For some people, not a lot is $300, $500 or $700.
  4. Wow, 8 GB of ram? I guess I can stop following this topic with my 8 GB total PC, Ha!
  5. https://github.com/superjamie/lazyweb/wiki/MAME-Clones-Worth-Playing So I was looking through trying to find others and came across your exact list somewhere else.... It says references at the bottom, but it's the entire list with the comments! Wow...
  6. I will say that emulators are still mainly CPU based rather than GPU based and single thread processing. I think that setup would struggle with Cemu as my current G3258 overclocked stutters at time and it has a better single thread CPU performance than your chip. 16 GB of Ram is also overkill when even the CEMU is only suggesting 6GB or more. I think Intel chips are still the way to go as they generally have the higher single core performance. In my opinion I would spend more on CPU power and wait on a GPU.
  7. Gig, have you seen this video. That would be really cool. An auto rotating screen!
  8. Impressive. Although I cant imagine even scrolling through 100 systems to find the one I wanted.
  9. I came across this site and saw that posts on here were from 2 years ago. It seems like a really cool idea to get some playable use from old games rather than just beating them. Does anyone have any experience with using this with hyperspin? Http://retroachievements.org
  10. I am mostly done with the build. The frustrating times were from me getting parts that did not fit and having to wait for things to ship from China. Other than that I am happy with how the build is going. I am going to overclock this also so a less powerful pc would not work for what I have planned. I want to run ps2 and gamecube. Thanks for the heads up anyhow though. -John
  11. Long Overdue Update: New hard drive is installed into the top of the case, will upload a picture tonight. The USB extension cords I purchased were too long and don't fit in the case, so I wont be using them. I tried to cut and solder them but it was a disaster so I ended up just scrapping them and ordering 4 shorter cords. Of course these parts come from China so I will be waiting another two weeks for them to arrive. I started up the PC with the case open and everything connected. It worked I am happy to say, and I was able to install windows 7. I will work on getting hyperspin on to it sometime soon as I am wanting this project to be finished!
  12. I will post my temps once I get it up and running. Right now I am waiting two days for delivery of the new hard drive and then I have to find someplace to solder where I don't set off smoke alarms, the usb cords I ordered are way too long so I need to do something to shorten them. I also have to solder the light for the power button.
  13. Those are outtake fans. I'm assuming the hot air will pool at the top of the case.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  14. Yea I did start with a 2.5 in my list. I was 0-2 in my changes I tried to make. The good thing with this is I could also add a SSD down the line since I will probably mount the smaller hard drive under the motherboard. Here are the updates: Fans have been secured to the top of the case to allow more airflow, they will both be controlled by the motherboard. Switched back to the first version of the power button that I made. I was able to better secure it to the case and it works much better now.
  15. Hit another bump in the road. The hard drive doesn't fit with everything. I need to get a laptop hard drive to mount to the top. I will have more pictures up tonight those as I have a little more work done.
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