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  1. Version 20150524


    Coming Soon - AAE - Main Menu Wheel
  2. Version 20150524


    Coming Soon - Atari 5200 - Main Menu Wheel
  3. Version 20150512


    49 Coming Soon Main Menu Wheels
  4. Wait, so BBB has nothing to do with Hyperspin anymore? When did this happen, and where is everyones donations going? Surely someone on here is a close enough friend with him to know what's going on. Maybe this was already touched on in another thread, but maybe someone should mention that Hyperspin is no longer being developed so there's no confusion to new people.
  5. WOW! Amazing stuff dude! You have mad skills. I'll be following your progress.
  6. I thought about doing one of these, but you beat me to it. Looking good as usual. Can't wait to see it done!
  7. Looks good! Great finish on the paint. The color is fine dude, now that I see it. I think it's growing on me.
  8. I'd probably pick one of these up. I'd probably be a little hesitant until more people use it, and we get more feedback on how well it works. Don't get wrong, I'm sure you know what you're doing. How long have you had it up and running? I always wondered why nobody has made one of these before? Good stuff! I'll be following this thread. Good luck!
  9. A friend of mine just suggested that to me. I'm going to try it out and get back to you.
  10. Mine is the same way. But I can't go back, because I deleted all my flv videos and replaced with mp4s. Hopefully it can get resolved soon. Looking forward to this upgrade.
  11. Nice! I knew it was just a matter of time before someone would do an avengers theme.
  12. So let me get this strait! You redid your awesome Archangel arcade? WOW! I really liked that machine. Anyway, I like the mess of characters you have in there. I did something similar for a friend of mine, and posted pics of it over at BYOAC and they pretty much ripped it apart. Someone else did the art work, I just built the cab and had some input on some of the art. I'd be curious to hear what theyd say if you posted pics over there. In the end, it's all about what the person your doing the project for wants. If it makes him happy, that's all that matters!
  13. Does anybody know if the Hyperspin total editor is still available for download? Does anybody even use it for anything? I seem to remember using it for some things when I was setting up my system. Or are we using something else now?
  14. I've never heard of this game before. Is it something that you made up? I haven't tried the link you have, I'll have to check it out later. Nice work BTW!
  15. I'll be following this build. Great job so far.
  16. Awesome stuff! Like I need another project right now. Thanks! Lol
  17. Man, I juct can't get enough of this machine! In a way, I wish it wasn't done yet. I loved watching it take shape. But congrats on the final outcome, It's a work of art! You've inspired me to redo my first machine I did a few years back. All I was going do was change the buttons on it, but then I started following this thread and got the itch to redo the whole thing! (Thanks by the way!) Anyway, Great job!
  18. I like the idea but man that color is blinding me. Have you played around with the color scheme that you've got going on in the marquee's and try to incorporate those in the cab somehow? Like maybe a white cab with an orangesh marquee or something, orange buttons or trackball maybe.
  19. lol, I was joking. will 187 connecters work for that wire? And if so where did you get yours from?
  20. Hey Thooperman, You wouldn't happing to have a module for the DS would you? I'm using the desmume svn 4189 x86 for the emulator.

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