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  1. sparkywallnut


  2. Version 20150524


    Coming Soon - AAE - Main Menu Wheel
  3. Version 20150524


    Coming Soon - Atari 5200 - Main Menu Wheel
  4. Version 20150512


    49 Coming Soon Main Menu Wheels
  5. I've never heard of this game before. Is it something that you made up? I haven't tried the link you have, I'll have to check it out later. Nice work BTW!
  6. Your pedestal build looks great man very nice can you tell me what buttons you have for navigation of Hyperspin and the operating system ???

  7. Hey Thooperman, You wouldn't happing to have a module for the DS would you? I'm using the desmume svn 4189 x86 for the emulator.

  8. It's crazy how our machines look alike. I'll put some pics up soon.

  9. i would like to request access to ftp server. thanks!

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