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  1. HS is losing focus when your game is starting causing the premature game quit I think; this is an old issue. There is an option you need checked in LEDBlinky's configuration utility to let it know that you're using Rlauncher with HS that is supposed to address this issue.
  2. I can’t find these Unified arcade themes anywhere here or on the ftp. I could download the videos of them on EM but I’d rather have the real thing.
  3. Perfectly said. The passion shown by people here (even I made 2 HTPC theme sets years ago to give back) has really been this front ends life support for years. If the content creators didn’t continue to make wheels, box art, themes etc. HS would of died years ago. When you have a community like this, I feel it’s been a slap in the face to basically dangle the carrot in front of everyone’s mouth for years. Then on top of it you have people that actually know what’s going on but the dev team makes them take an oath of silence like they’re working on the fountain of youth. Its time to Sh*t or Get off the Pot.
  4. *Sigh* ....ok. I don't try to participate in HD dev threads, but being that I've realized today it's been 10 years waiting on any news regarding 2.0; we're talking a decade here people I have to vent. The fact that we are so far from the last major release of HS and nobody is still allowed to give any information on 2.0 is just ludicrous. I asked for a lousy font used on HS special artwork that I waited on 3 weeks to get an answer on and never did to make custom special artwork. There is no reason to be like this to people that support you. Again 10 years this has been going on. I'm asking to just be a little more courteous to the end user, that's all. Seeing how Jason is with his user base, it can definitely be done, but HS devs choose not to go this route. I don't know exactly what they have against their user base to be this way, but they should of really handled this differently over the years. end rant
  5. Same here. I'm surprised no one ever redrew the logo.
  6. That’s the thing. I had one.....My cab is an older Xtension arcade and the largest monitor you could fit 16x9 is a 21 inch. Over time it was just too small for me, plus the input lag was atrocious. So to upgrade the monitor it was either buy a new Xtension cab or a new monitor. By picking up this new 16:10 monitor I was able to squeeze a 24 inch monitor in, which yields me a nice 21.3 inch 4:3 aspect, plus only 8 ms of input lag and it is compatible with a wide array of custom refresh rates. So it was much cheaper for me to buy this monitor than buy a whole new Larger Xtension cab.
  7. Hey guys, does anyone have any idea on how would someone go about batch resizing all these 16x9 bezels to 16:10 format without butchering/skewing the artwork? Been battling this for months now. I have a 16:10 monitor & 1920x1200. I've designed 2 generic horizontal and vertical 16:10 bezels to match my CP artwork but I really would like to use the bezels out of the huge collection like on emumovies. I *could* use them as is and stretch them but the game windows don't look right.
  8. Hey can you tell me the name of the font used in special art “Free Play/Press Start” and “Jump backwards/forwards” etc? I’m updating HS for my cab and I’m making custom special art for my arcade buttons and controls.
  9. You're not going to get many responses on them, most of the guys here restore or build their own, but like you I said "So if I don't know woodwork I am not allowed to have a cab? Screw that!" So I bought an Xtension back in 2010. It's very solid, however I had to modify it quite a bit to make it more authentic. They have progressed quite a bit since then, but in my opinion their new cabs are way overpriced. I spent 400 for mine. Now their cabs are 800+ For a full upright. No thanks.
  10. I would add Gradius 4 onto Dougan's list. Don't be fooled like I was playing the first 2 minutes of the first stage and thinking you're ok. If you can get through the first stage completely while staying at 100, you should be good. Also CV1000 titles. Specifically Muchi Muchi Pork. All the Blitz Titles. Oh and for giggles, try Star soldier with the Aleck64 driver. Good Luck with that one.,
  11. Rbelmont (long standing MAMEdev) recommended that an i7 6700k is plenty to run everything that is currently playable in MAME right now. Not to mention that will run HS with all the bells and whistles no problem. Those PC's you're posting would of been sufficient back in the 106 days but MAME is much more demanding now. How's that game room with the physical consoles coming along?
  12. Yea I've ordered from them before and had issues similar to the op's. I finally got a response when I posted on their FB page. Slow shipping, extremely delayed responses, etc. I get Hawaii is very laid back and such but if you're going to run a business, do it right.
  13. Yea it is too big. I have a 21.3 inch 4:3 NEC monitor that has a beautiful pic. The response time is 16 Ms, but input response I haven't a clue. The seller on amazon said he played emulators on it and had no noticeable lag, so for 60 bucks I took it. Honestly I would have no problem shelling out 500 for 0 input lag, but once you factor in the compatible video card needed you can be up to almost 1000 dollars just to have Mario jump the second you push a button.
  14. Hey guys....serious question here. So I have seen quite a few people here over the years that have made cabs using LCD screens. So.....how are you guys dealing with the input lag when playing? I've been playing my cab for three years now, and can definitely notice it and it sucks. CRT is not an option for me, as my cab is designed for 16:9 Screens. I thought about Gsync, but the largest widescreen my cab will take is 21.5 and I can't find a Gsync or Freesync monitor that small. Not to mention I'd have to upgrade the video card too. So I'm stuck in between a rock and a hard place that's ruining my experience. Thoughts?
  15. Nox is the answer to the htpc users on here. However yes as someone stated above....for cab users running low resolution (myself included), Nox would not look good. HS is still at its roots an arcade front end meant to clone Ultracade, so the regular themes should be kept as the norm. Those who want to use HS for living room HD TV use could easily download Nox as an option. Simple.
  16. So overall is it worth upgrading to 10 guys? I'm asking because I recently found out that the Xbone chat pad has an official driver and imo that is the answer to having the ultimate controller for a htpc. Finally can map the systems that use keypad controllers (Colecovision, Intellivision, etc.) use native save/load state buttons, blah blah blah. But....the driver only works on Win 10. Plus my Xbone controller does not like to sync a lot of times when I power on my PC l, but I think that's because the drivers that M$ released for 8.1 are not Native like Win 10. EDIT: According to M$'s website, it says it supports Windows 10 only but on the support page for the Xbone wireless adapter for Windows it says the chatpad works on 7, 8 and 10. Guess I'll pick one up and just try it out.
  17. Just my 2 cents...., since HS is back in full developement, I would not put it past Bill contacting him and saying "I'm back in full developement of HS and it's serious and it's going commercial, so please stop, or I'll persue legal action." I mean this guy WAS the the most well-known individual selling HD's with 0 fucks given about what anybody said here. So I wouldn't say this is bullshit. EDIT: just saw post above, so guess I was right..... Well guys on the plus side it def. looks like the new release is soon! Bill is taking this very seriously!!
  18. I think thegamesDB would not be adequate for HS rom sets due to a lot of uncommon games that are in them. It would help but def not get info for everything. Mobygames would be the best imo.
  19. Yep, this. Was planning to purchase Big Box this weekend but might hold off now; I want meta data info with my games though so unless this feature is added in HS I still might lean towards Big Box.
  20. I hope this is true.I loved this frontend but the lack of developement seriously has given me 0 hope the past few years.
  21. "Some in the community" You're kidding right? I think the majority of people in this hobby go for full sets around here. So many people ask for torrent invites it's funny. I'm not calling anybody out, but BE REAL. Maybe a HANDFUL around here run only games they own, but like I said, A HANDFUL. Period. On another note, the reason I've even commented on this thread is I own an extension arcade machine and they are solid. To alienate them and black ball them because they may have gotten wrongfully involved with a dbag is a little extreme IMO, I'm sorry.
  22. What I think he meant was, realistically we are all kind of in the grey area of the law with this hobby; we're also downloading roms we don't all own. People also pay money between here and emumovies to have access to that artwork which technically neither sites own the rights to. . Just because we're not selling the content does not make it legal. Technically the roms are supposed to be deleted after 24 hours if you don't own the actual game. Bottom line is this: A good portion of this hobby involves stuff that's questionable by copyright law, whether you're selling it OR using it.
  23. I drop in myself only a couple times a week now. I think the two main reasons things seem different around here are: 1: When HL became Rocketlauncher and broke free of ties to HS, this changed a lot of stuff. A lot of people came here to see what kind of goodies the Hyperlaunch team were working on. Now we can go to their site to check on that. 2: Most importantly Bill seems to be on another hiatus and I think because of this random behavior a lot of us that have been on here for years have lost hope for an update to fix a lot of the still long standing bugs with the program.
  24. I had this exact issue a week ago. The update that will allow the visual studio 2015 run times to install was under the optional updates, not recommended. Just install every update that it finds then try again, it will install.
  25. You guys really think that whoever goes there is going to notice 4:3 themes stretched to 16:9?? Whoever goes there is going to be in awe most likely as they will be people who have no knowledge of how to even play emulators on the PC in the first place.
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