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  1. 32 <script language='javascript'> </script> 32 if I remember correctly game name is matching artwork and description has to match table file name - so you can have many tables with same name and same artwork - only problem is - on the wheel they will look exactly the same - even the name will be shown from game name tag (which is not unique) and not from description (which is unique cause it is file name). If you want to have artwork from the same table and not some generic one for all the adams families you need different naming scheme - and I usually want to see which adams table I'm opening. Hyperpin standard for long time was Addams Family, The (Bally 1992) - so I don't know why anbody tried to reduce it to Addams Family, The (Bally) in the beginning of this thread. But as i said if you want more Addams and you want to see different images - you have to have batter naming convention - there is no other option. There were some old collections of everything on torents (games, roms, art) that had naming like Addams Family, The (Bally) (1992) (author) (1.0.0) Don't remember if it was mandatory to have three digits in version - or 1.0 was ok. It is also good to have this convention if you want to know which table you have so that you don't download it again from vpforums, and of course - from which author. Another equally good convention is to keep the begining from hyperpin and add author and version like - Addams Family, The (Bally 1992) author 1.0.0 It is a major PITA to change them whenever you get new table - but it is also PITA to have hyperspin or hyperpin at first place - but you compensate it with joy of playing new table that you just downloaded and all is part of vp experience, you will have to fiddle with table any way - cause you will hate layback that was used in the table, you'll have to fix it, when you fix it you will hate that table picture from artwork doesn't match your new layback - you will have to do print screen of it (only one key in my fplaunch does all of that), you will have to set replay levels, cause you want that knocker to fire when you make good score, ... and so on...
  2. Long time no see, regards from Dubai, I moved few months ago, if there is some pinballer or mamer or hyperspinner in Dubia let me know...
  3. There is focus option in ini file - focus internal/external/both or none - so set none
  4. it depends, some onboard graphics will automatically turn off when they detect pcie graphic card, some can work in parallel - it's best to check you bios for options
  5. There is another idea - vp which is changed very often - could ignore this long time drift of the center and take into account only deltas of joypad movement - not absolute position but delta from last measuring - this is something koadic would probably do in a blink of an eye - and could solve all calibration problems on all devices for ever. Same autocentering would be great for a plunger axes too - so when you shoot the ball wherever plunger stops - after some time you consider that a new zero - of course this auto correction of zero points on plunger and nudge should be slow enough so that you can shoot the ball without plunger setting all the way back position to new zero
  6. So about your problem Oz - directb2s is a bit different - you can run it in controller mode or exe mode, whichever mode you run it - table script should start and close db2s. when you put table name that ends with b2s run is searching for exe with same name as table and you probably don't have it - you could probably put db2s to exe mode, set launch to false in script and run it and close it from fplaunch
  7. If i remember correctly my policy is this (i haven't been on forums for half a year so i might be forgeting something): if i open b2s exe from fplaunch script i will close it, if table opens b2s exe from the table script - table script should close it - not the fplaunch. how do you control this: - if you want me to start and close b2s - give table and b2s exe same name that ends with b2s, and set launch b2s in table script to false - if you want table to launch b2s exe set table name that doesn't end with b2s and set launch to true in table script and put closing of b2s somewhere in the script - i think there were many examples on how to close exe on table close on forums
  8. Auto centering should be a part of the firmware - or part of the driver. If driver would do autocentering nudging would work great even without recalibration. You should ask seller/author of nanotech kit to implement it.
  9. try screen shots with table opened outside of hyperpin for table not loading - i don't have any idea what could be the problem - works for me - maybe you should check settings - try to set savefptables to false
  10. rotating screen is not supported (because all vp tables are in 270) black print screen is usually driver problem - check forums for drivers that work with your gpu (probably some old version)
  11. you have to configure pinemhi paths in pinemhi.ini and screen numbers in setttings.ini fplaunch section
  12. if by joystick with plumb bob you mean turning 360 upside down and gluing ball to a stick - i did that for some time and it worked ok i didn't have it for long cause i lost connection from stick board to main gamepad board - it broke because i moved it too much around and never fixed it, now i will have to solder it to try again, but will do that when i find some time but 360 should have shock detector which you should be able to use for nudge without tilt bob you just attach board to your cab firmly with screws and it should detect when you nudge a cab - you can test it by nudging only controller first and checking if pointer moves in game controler properties - if it does next step is to attach it to can and see if moves when you nudge cab - and LAST step is testing and configuring it in a vp with rotation and gain and dead zone and all that things
  13. never gonna happen fplaunch knows last game and will start on last game (double click on fplaunch, play some game, then exit and double click fplaunch again), but hyperpin doesn't know it and can't start on it
  14. there's no way to do multi exe with bam to do multi exe with bam - bam will have to know how to launch different exe and it doesn't - it always launches future pinball.exe - for example - bam could launch his own file name - from dir above so if you rename fploader.exe to future pinball.exe it launches future pinball.exe - but if you rename it to fp2.5.exe it launches fp2.5 which could have different physics also to run bam and no bam at the same hyperpin is not possible right now since bam is started from different folder you could put BAM\fploader.exe as another exe but then bam\fploader is used as executable throughout the script which is not good for same reason why fploader.exe is not good exe name if bam could be started from same folder it would be easier to run bam and no bam together but it would be impossible to have fploader with same name as future pinball exe - so again waitclose for executable would not work
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