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  1. This is great! Can you explain how you did this or share your script that you created to solve this? Thanks!
  2. I wasn't able to do a hardware mod, so I'm hoping this bug may get a fix in the next update?
  3. Yes! @fr0stbyt3Here it is: If you enable portaudio in MAME, sound will stop in hyperspin after returning to it after exiting a MAME game. For now I've been going without audio in hyperspin because I prefer less input lag.
  4. Thanks for the update! Will you be addressing the no audio in Hyperspin after enabling portaudio in MAME?
  5. This is a great solution! Thank you! I'm not so good on soldering, is there a cheap alternative to the mixer? Thanks!
  6. I have attached my groovymame mame.ini. I'm not really sure what the differences are between the different Windows settings. Hopefully a fix will come soon! mame.ini
  7. I am having the same issues when trying Windows WDM-KS and Windows WASAPI. Using Windows MME or Windows Directsound fixed the issue for me. I know they're not as great as the other 2 options, but at least I'm back up and running. I'm using my motherboard's onboard audio from Realtek.
  8. Has anyone come up with a fix for this? I am having this issue, now.
  9. Weird, I'm running 1.4v15 and cannot get that info do disappear. I'm also using the latest HyperHQ. Is anybody else having this issue?
  10. Nobody? Does anyone know how to, or could point me in the direction, to edit the original video so it would fit on a vertical screen?
  11. I have seen the intro for Cross Box, it doesn't compare to the default intro. Has anyone converted it to a vertical video for vertical cabinets that they could share with me?
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