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  1. I've only just started using this and have found a major issue with Windows 10, in that is does not even open. it just sits there on the rolling splash screen and does nothing more. tried both normal and admin mode with same results. In about 15 tries i have only managed to get it to open 3 times, and although not really enough time to explore the software properly i have found the UI to be very confusing and lacking many needed features of the original cloud sync. if we can get this fixed on Win10 hen i can explore this properly to give a better UI review.
  2. Version 1.0


    True SNK Classics from the Pre NEO-GEO era Not Included: Micon Block NEO-GEO MVS/AES NEO-GEO CD HYPER NEO-GEO NEO-GEO PCBs Licensed Games All that is left is the SNK PCB games before NEO-GEO. The true SNK Classic Games
  3. Version 1.0


    True Capcom Classics from the Pre CPS era Not Included: CPS1 CPS2 CPS3 PC10 S-TV ZN1 ZN2 System 11 System 16 Licensed Games All that is left is the Capcom games before CPS1. The true Capcom Classic Games
  4. Version 2.0


    Williams Classics Database of only Williams games Not including any Williams Licence Games or any EM Pinballs.
  5. cheers ZeroJay I grabbed the link btw there are a few other systems there that have Capcom games in it too I cant remember off hand but will check and post back here One thing I wish to add si the SNK set, I was hoping it would be actual SNK classic arcades rather than SNK MVS Neo Geo we already have that so it might be an indea to actually make the SNK Wheel for actual SNK PCBs before NEO GEOs time so its true SNK Classics Games Like Bermuda Triangle, Battle Field, Guerrilla Wars, Touchdown Fever, Guevara, Dogosoken, Victory Road, Psycho Solider, Athena, Armoured Scrum Object.
  6. The HyperSync still is not grabbing it when you click update database the best Williams games deserve their own wheel even if its just a handful of games especially If there is wheels for other systems then why not Williams and then you have the fact that Williams is such a popular manufacturer that Williams classics are ported to pretty much every console and then you have the Multi Williams PCB as well most of my wheels like this I make myself but asked as I found it odd all others are supported but not Williams other wise why not just get rid of the rest and just use MAME and search for each game as was done previously
  7. Hi guys I am using the Atari Classic system (MAME) and the XML is riddled with CAPCOM games its seems that Atari and CAPCOM have merged into one can Ciro please fix this and Also while im at it is it possible to also have Williams Classics aswell
  8. Version v2


    Global default theme to use where, no theme is avaialble name as default and place in teh theme folder of your choice can be used as a System or Main Menu theme
  9. i assume this is only available for certain members only
  10. is any platinum member allowed to join the beta testing ?
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