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  1. That stool looks sweet, those old tractor seats are surprisingly comfortable. As far as the detachable bartop idea, there's a pic in my first post on this topic for that. I even saw one dude put his on top of a mini fridge. I have yet to cut any wood!! I'm dying to get started, just want to give it everything I got once I do get to building, I know I'd be out in the garage til the early morn everyday after work. Kinda hard to do with a 10 month old little boy and a day job. Lately I've been adding more systems and media to my setup. It's coming, very,very soon.
  2. Yeah, it's easy to overkill it with wrap. I'm only gonna do the CP and I'm debating about the doing side graphic with it possibly. If not I'll just tape it out and paint it on. I've used the black carbon on a truck interior before but it was the 2-D style. Not sure which is the best looking, now that they have 3,4,5 and 6-D. Yeah, Metalzoic the 2 for each side pinball flipper buttons is a will do, I believe I have enough to do it. I haven't got PinballFX2 setup yet, I had tried setting it up a while back to no avail, so I just put it on the back burner. As far as my admin buttons what you have listed is what I'm going for, my buttons are white led, and I bought some transparent label sheets to print icons on for inserts. Anyways glad you guys like it and thanks for the input.
  3. Finally made up my mind. A full size it is! This is what I have decided on after a lot of thought. Any and all comments are very welcome, I'm still unsure about what kind of artwork for the CPO, may just cover it with some white carbon fiber looking vinyl and call it peanut butter.
  4. Ain't that the truth! LMAO As long as all you guys stick around I think we'll survive Hey Gig "See ya in Vegas, I've got a plumbing job out there!", and tell John Snow he knows nothing.
  5. Looking good! You're way ahead of me . I think I've decided on a full size as well. I believe I'm gonna do the 32" LCD slim line style. Just got a great deal on a trackball and some smaller pushbuttons to throw in on the cp. Drew me up a 3-D rendering in Sketchup yesterday and I think I'm satisfied with the look. Here's one that inspired me. I'm going for a black and white scheme though. Anyways keep the pics coming, love to watch the progress.
  6. I'm a member of that club as well! I have all my hardware too, just haven't decided on whether to build a bartop or full size cab. CP's are kinda personal preference, but looks like you have all the buttons covered. I think I'm gonna do a 7 button style, 3 on top row and 4 on bottom row, that way I have my basic 6 button layout, but will have the Neo Geo 4 button setup too. I have been contemplating getting a trackball mouse and hacking it into a small trackball. I want it to be my mouse mainly, but have it work for all or most trackball games too. IDK how it'll work, but I'm seriously considering doing it.
  7. Good point! I will be playing (or I already do) a variety of both, however I am an OG console addict and I do like to sit and play. I have considered the vewlix style and kinda dig it. I actually just read a guy's build thread of one on a forum the other day. I just have so many ideas on what would be sweet, that I can't use them all on one cab. Last week I ordered a usb nes and genesis controller then gutted the pcb's from them and installed them into original controllers to get the original controller feel. I figure if I build a full size I could always get a barstool. I do know if I build a full size, I don't want a big honking CP that has giant overhang. Oh, the bug has bitten a while back! Now it's festering! I've been working on the hyperspin part of it for a minute. Got side-lined creating my own custom media there for a while. There's something about the little bartop in the pics I posted I really love. But since my initial plan I have acquired a coin door, 32" LCD, more buttons, etc. Decisions,Decisions!
  8. Wouldn't that have been awesome as a kid! I probably would have thrown a mattress on the top and slept on that thing!
  9. Well...I'm a woodworker by trade so I'm good there;) As far as budget, I already have pretty much everything (chrome led buttons, joys with white ball tops, chrome t-moulding, led strip light, audio amp, etc) considering ordering some smaller white led buttons for menu navigation and such. I really like the look of the little white/chrome bartop, that was the one I was dead set on building, but the more pics and videos I see kinda makes me lean towards a full size, besides a 32" screen would be kill.
  10. What's up guys, I'm getting ready to start my build, and can't seem to settle on the style of cab I want. My first intentions where to do a bartop, I like the look of those "tiny arcade" ones, but I'm wondering if I'm gonna wish I would have built a full size cab instead. I even thought about building a pedestal (stand/box) to set the bartop on that kinda makes it look like a small upright. I have a 19" wide screen monitor and a 32" LCD tv to use for them. I guess I'm just thinking out loud, but maybe someone wants to give opinions on it. Anyways here's a few pics to give you an idea as to what I'm torn between. Maybe even do a community vote
  11. Check out FifthDread on Youtube he has a killer hardware setup. I'm about to get started on mine, been collecting parts and planning my design. I started this Hyperspin kick over a year ago and I'm still hooked! Shout out to Austin, gotta love you bro! You have helped a lot and I don't mind you're waffling! Haha!!
  12. Agreed! I felt like I owed them $45 lol. What you get for free is priceless. Not to mention the community! Thanks everyone!
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