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  1. Just got my lockdown bar and side rails powder coated black by a local company (both sets). Matches our powder coat legs. Very pleased with finish.
  2. I wanted the ability to hook up external service devices like hard drives (backup), flash drives, mouse and keyboard if needed without opening cabinet. Just an ease of use thing for me.
  3. Darkfall shaker assembled Gear motor wires soldered on Got zebs Ledwiz connector board and soldered onto ledwiz. Connections to booster now a ribbon cable. Thanks Zeb!
  4. Thanks mikekim. I am going to give it a try.
  5. Opted for lighted launch button next to plunger.
  6. Has anyone tried the nudging capabilities of the new Virtuapin digital plunger? Would like to know if this is a good solution. I know that many people struggled with the Mot-ion plunger's nudging, but was curious if the Virtuapin design works now.
  7. Bottom of main cabinet has power, ethernet, usb in back. 3 usb connectors up front on bottom.
  8. Back panel of backbox latched in place with magnets.
  9. Here are some more backbox shots. The front bezel has push latch release to pull out bezel. Used magnets for securing back panel in place.
  10. Getting back to build after our real work slowed our project down. Finishing backbox now. Wanted to show you how we routed channels for plexi to fit flush. Pictures show grooves that plexi drops in with silicone to secure. Monitors mounted with ease of future replacement in mind if we buy pinDMD in future or need another backglass monitor (board mount gives us flexibility to change out).
  11. Guys, it's getting exciting. The awesome Brad from Bowman Signs is printing my art today!! Check this out. Hot off the presses.
  12. Ok, finished resistor boards (two of them) and (made ten flashers - DeeGor style ) - since we are building two cabs at same time. Tested connectivity and resistance with meter for both boards. Lit up every flasher to make sure they all work correctly. Getting better at soldering.
  13. Added new coindoor artwork. Brad from Bowman is now in print. I can't wait to see these decals on our cab. Now in research mode on how to apply these beauties correctly.
  14. We have talked about this and our only concern was if we would have issues with the decal eventually peeling around the countersink hole over time. I do agree that countersink makes it look better.
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