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  1. Hi, I dig up this thread just if someone can tell me how powerfull should be the alimentation ? Does a 150W alimentation is enougth ? Thanks.
  2. Hi Everyone, I want to change the option in the exit menu. Ex : I don't want to see "Exit" (to windows) option when i press the exit key (only the shutdown and back option). In game, i don't want to show the "service" option when i press the exit key. I don't found how to do that... Thanks. Cédric.
  3. OMFG ! It's the most professionnal project i ever seen ! Where are you from in Europe ? UK ? FR ? How do you paint your cab ? paintbrush ? The finish is superb ! Cheer. Ced
  4. Hi Everyone, Working on my Standard Size Virtual Pinball, i use a old Stern Galaxy. I want to provide force feedback using the original flip coil (because i have a small budget and i think it's more "accurate" than a industrial relay). Does someone allready heard about this ? I don't have the original Stern alimentation, only a standard PC alimentation (12v, 5v). Does is it ok to operate the coil ? Thanks Ced.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm building my own Hyperpin Cab and a these decal are so beautiful, i can't imagine my pinball without. How can i purshase one ? Cheer. Ced
  6. Hi, i'm interrested with artwork. Can you contact me with private message ? Thks.
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