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  1. Anyone having issues logging into Hypersync? Telling me it can't verify membership. Thanks
  2. joe35car

    Mame 0.155

    13 in total in new and renames. The big was in wontmuch chd. just under 3GB. 15.2 GB in new and renames.
  3. Well who is the manufacturer? Go to the web site and see if they sell longer shafts. Most do for the fact of metal and wood mounting.
  4. from http://nonmess.retrogames.com/ Due to licensing issues, MESS does not yet support CD-i games with MPEG-compressed video, and is not quite as accurate as CD-i Emulator, so CD-i Emulator remains on NonMESS. With that said, this is the best known standalone CD-i emulator, and a fairly mature one at that (although it is not freeware). There are very few other emulators known for the CD-i, and small wonder: the system was terrible as a gaming platform. Use http://www.cdiemu.org/
  5. Any news on a release date? I'm so exciting I can't wait any longer.
  6. uggg, I can't find that set on emumovies FTP to match the official xml here on HS. How about a little help? Just a point and shove will do. Thanks.
  7. Thanks but I'm not going to go through over 100's of videos to sort them out. That's the whole point of HyperSync. Need an official set for these from emumovies to match the XML set here.
  8. So there are no videos to match the xml database from emumovies? The ones I have are not named correctly with the xml in HS. Thanks
  9. Get Intel's newest generation fastest CPU you can afford. Intel is the way to go.
  10. Or just get the from PD from MAME extras. Only thing is you have to create a folder for each one which is a pain. Been updating the list as we speak.
  11. I just grabbed from the FTP at emumovies. under official, Hyperlauch, media, manuals.
  12. Will the new hyperbase be able to do this? Thanks
  13. I think I have all the recent manuals for arcade, home systems, computer based and handheld for HyperLaunch Media but wouldn't be nice if Hypersync can do this?
  14. 179 games themes added with hypersync.
  15. Looks great but can you maybe pretty please clean the cloud right above the letter E in Ace. There are 2 dark spots that look like dirt. Thanks
  16. 27 updated mame themes.
  17. joe35car

    Login error

    Yes it will be called hyperbase live
  18. joe35car

    Mame 0.153

    I believe he's busy with other projects but he's fully aware of it.
  19. joe35car

    Mame 0.153

    257 neogeo games which would of failed because of the new update of the neogeo bios. Which would of left 179 games that needed to be added renamed or whatever.
  20. joe35car

    Mame 0.153

    I bet it was the neogeo.zip bios. All the neogeo games would come up missing
  21. Here's one that was converted to a MAME cab.
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