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  1. Rebuild your roms http://easyemu.mameworld.info/clrmameguide/clrmame-guide.htmlebuild http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?21380-ClRMAMEPRO-Tutorial-For-Noobs http://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/
  2. Yes create a dat from the new MAME153 exe or you can grab the dat from PD. Usually at the beginning of the post for the new release and follow the instructions there.
  3. haha I know. There are a few floating around youtube. here is the story behind it
  4. Did you do everything in the Aim Trak setup guide? Make sure you also go in MAME and configure that also. http://www.arcadeguns.com/download/AimTrakSetupGuide.pdf http://www.ultimarc.com/aimtrak.html
  5. I have 2 aimtrak guns and they work fine. Just follow the instructions that came with them.
  6. Open your HLHQ and adjust from there.
  7. Where is this option in HQ? I can't find it. thanks Edit: I found it I was looking in HLHQ haha.
  8. Thanks for the intro video. I left a post at emumovies thread almost a year old mentioning that these have no sound and also if he will make a intro video.
  9. Little off topic but is there a intro video? I have most of the game videos from the FTP emumovies.
  10. Thanks I found it. http://pastebin.com/W7tMhvGz
  11. Hard to tell but if you want ever system with roms, videos, themes, artwork I would say at least 6-8TB.
  12. This project is going to be sweeeeeeet.
  13. Keepvid is also good to save videos from youtube. http://keepvid.com/
  14. The problem I had when I created the GameCube wheel I checked exe instead of sub folders that's why I never seen a path to point my videos to lol. Awesome work everyone.
  15. Well I still can't figure out how to point to the new folder where I want my videos stored. I start HyperSync click on folders settings then click on alternative videos folder on. OK so how do I set the path to the folder? I guess unsupported systems like a2600 a7800 can't use this function. Oh well after editing the ini for the unsupported systems I have them pointing to my folder and works now. Thanks for this awesome Front-end and all the features.
  16. On the new HyperSync how to I set where my Videos are? Old version there was section to where it asked you. Now all I see if you want to check it on or off but it can't find my folder in my other HDD. Thanks Nevermind I think I got it. Well It works on Mame but when it looks for videos for Mattel Intellivision I get an error that it can't find it. I don't want to keep teh videos in the default file. I want it to look for it in my other hard drive. I can't find a way to point it there.
  17. Just want to say thank you to everyone involved with all these releases. Updated HL HLHQ and HyperSync. All working on my end just need to set up emulators. Awesome work and you guys need a vacation or a few days of R&R.
  18. Yes HLSL looks good always update to the newest build. I just miss UG for the mame64 nonag hiscore cavesh3 builds
  19. Never mind seems to be working now.
  20. Trying to log in Hypersync to Hyperspin and emumovies and click on login and nothing happens. Yes I'm an elite member at emumovies and platnium member on Hyperspin. Do I use my usnername on the website or the FTP usernames? Thanks
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