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  1. example of brucelee CP
  2. Real DMD benfits from no Shutter issues. When i coverted over, i have no shutter on alot of my tables and im running an i5. Also you cannot beat the look. 1+ REAL DMD!
  3. Looks good printing turned out awesome as usual. Nice work. This one was a fun project to work on. Mameman has some nice CNC printing for a topper.
  4. Thanks for the bump. Ill be upgrading this cabinet soon NEED MORE LEDS
  5. Hey do you have an estimate what these will cost? Im looking at upgrading my cabinet.
  6. Your Artwork was about 20 hours, but usually try and keep it in the same timeline as dfwArcade. It really all depends on the project and what assets are available. You have some nice work dfwArcade.
  7. Very nice effects with the ground LED's chris.. I can believe how big this thread is.. So for DMD are you going back to LCD?
  8. If you go this route make sure the whole cabinet has dots including side and marquee so the style fits. Nice work so far.
  9. Great idea! I can make a donation. Also is there someone doing something like this for JPSales?
  10. Haha i love how semi budget looks high end!.. I think i have a Old P4 in mine. Great start. Have you figured out a name yet?
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