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  1. This is very exciting stuff. Thanks for all the hard work. Love the Amiga & looking forward to this beast set.
  2. Great guide, thanks. Quick question...I think I already know the answer but wanted to confirm... Ideally for me (Shield TV 2017 with external USB drive attached for ROMs & Media), the Hyperspin folder would be located on my USB drive in the NVIDIA_SHIELD folder so that I can directly edit *.ini files, etc from my PC. However when I put the Hyperspin folder there I get the "can't find Hyperspin folder" message. If I move the folder to the root of the USB drive then the Hyperspin app sees it and boots in fine. I know it was stated that for ROMs/Media on a NAS drive need to be in the root of the NAS drive but is the same true for external USB drives? Is there any way to change that or is it just baked in that way? Thanks...Piper
  3. Hi thatman84, I checked and boot to bios option was turned off in core options. I turned it on and launched the game but got the same results (4 built-in games). I enabled verbose logging and got this... Starting game:/storage/EC34609334606316/NVIDIA_SHIELD/Bally Astrocade/astrocde/astrobat.zip Path extraction result: File name=/storage/EC34609334606316/NVIDIA_SHIELD/Bally Astrocade/astrocde/astrobat.zip Path extraction result: Game name=astrobat Path extraction result: System name=astrocde Path extraction result: Game path=/storage/EC34609334606316/NVIDIA_SHIELD/Bally Astrocade/astrocde Path extraction result: Parent path=/storage/EC34609334606316/NVIDIA_SHIELD/Bally Astrocade Searching for driver astrobat Driver astrobat not found -1 Driver not found astrobat Searching for driver astrocde System type: CONSOLE Game name: astrocde, Game description: Bally Professional Arcade Creating frontend for game: astrobat Softlists: 1 I'm not a mame/retroarch expert but it almost looks like it is trying to run astrobat.zip and then says "I don't know what to do with this" and then it falls back and runs astrocde.zip (bios file) which would expain why it only shows the 4 built-in games...this one is frustrating. Thanks for any help...Piper
  4. Hi rambo32, thanks for offering assistance. How you have it setup is interesting. The way I have all the other softlist systems setup is to have a softlist rom folder (in this case astrocde) in my roms folder with all the game roms and the bios rom zipped in it. So I have [roms folder]/astrocde/ with all my game roms and the astrocde.zip bios file but I only get the 4 built-in games when I launch any game rom. So I tried what you have and changed my setup to... [retroarch system folder]/astrocde/ and put a game rom (in this case astrobat.zip) in there and then in [retroarch bios folder] I put astrocde.zip and astro.bin in it but, I get the same results...only list the 4 built-in games when I launch the game rom. I know the astrocde.zip bios and the astrobat.zip game rom are correct (I've unzipped and checked them vs what the xml says they should be and the game launches fine on my PC with this bios and game rom. I'm thinking it might be some setting in retroarch on my shield tv that is causing the issue, it is like it is not seeing the actual game rom but just launching the bios every time since I only see the 4 built-in games no matter what game rom I launch. Would you might taking a look at for retroarch settings and see what you have? Also, what version of retroarch are you using? Since the new playstore version of retroarch has the auto-detect and switches to 64-bit on my shield tv, I can't get the mame git core so I went and got the retroarch 32 from git and am using that on my shield tv for softlist systems. Thanks for any help...Piper
  5. I have several of the obscure platforms working via the RetroArch-Mame Softlist method. One has me stumped though...Bally Astrocade. I have it set up exactly like the others, with confirmed working BIOS & ROM. I can launch into Bally Astrocade with no problem...but whenI do then it is only showing the 4 built-in games and not the game/rom that I actually launched. They way it is supposed to work is when you first boot in, it shows the 4 built-in games AND the game you launched and you select what you want to play. I have the exact same setup on my PC and it works like it is supposed to. Anyone that has this setup and working, help would be appreciated. Thanks...Piper
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