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  1. 22 hours ago, Kuroiame said:

    Thanks for the link Creez67.  I'm also ooking for Dragons Lair and Space Ace bezels if any has links to those.

    I made a couple. Check my sig for the my bezel download link. Need to get those back to emumovies FTP but haven't had time.

  2. I would update MAME, there have been some huge improvements since 0.145. However (!) I would follow his wigglyness' advice and upgrade HS + RL first, point them to your existing MAME install and get that working first. The new version of MAME + ROMs will just be a drop in after that point.

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  3. 6 hours ago, drewjbx1 said:

    Hi I know this is an waaaay old thread, I just started updating my setup with all bezel support.... Daphne and Daphne singe look great. However with bezels on in daphne singe and playing any light gun games... 'right click' reloading off screen is not working (bezels disabled works fine). Tested with aimtraks and regular mouse. Is there a setting or something that can fix this? maybe a cli parameter or singe module edit?



    Assuming RocketLauncher bezels (more than safe, I'd think), try changing the bezels to backgrounds. Not with my setup right now, but a quick search on RL's site should give you some options/guidance. I'm wondering if the bezel overlaying the sides of the screen is interfering.

  4. Honestly sounds like you're having a strange hardware problem.. could be true hardware or could be drivers. Whatever front end you use will have the same problem.

    For Windows itself to be having issues (calibration page in device manager is blank, etc.) something else is going on. Try removing the wheel entirely... go to just keyboard and see what happens. Need to isolate the issue.

  5. On 5/5/2019 at 7:26 PM, damageinc86 said:

    I feel like this might be dying.  Another other bezels being added? Or is there a source of bezels that could be slipped in with this collection to add to it?

    I think we've all kind of burned out a bit and have needed some time for the creative juices to return. I've got a pack going as well, which has some that aren't in Metalzoic's but enough to warrant trying to slip them in? Not confident about that.

    If you know of any other creators out there, would you link them here? I always like seeing other people's work.

  6. 36 minutes ago, Jackst333 said:

    Quick quest the nvram files are there a list of them or are they generated when  the game is played?  I have a lot of .hi files but only a couple of nvram files. Any help would be appreciated. As I ham having issues with this within hyper Marquee.  Just trying to get my system up to speed with all the goodies out there.

    nvram files are generated when you run games in MAME. Not all games create them, though.

  7. On 10/28/2018 at 10:02 PM, dark13 said:

    What do you mean with "freezing", i've never seen HS freezing, sometimes it can lose focus while exiting a game. Probably the biggest bug of the software is related with flash itself: the audio buffer sucks, sometimes audio buffer is not dumped when a video is removed, (when you launch a game and RL is a bit slow to launch it, if you move the wheel HS loads the next video and you ends up hearing the audio of that video when emulator is launched)  this obviously happens more often on low end rig. I should have solved the problem using



    I'm interested in playing around with this in my setup. Where would you insert this code? This is the only "bug" i've experienced in the past... would be great to have a solution to it.


  8. 5 hours ago, xul said:

    Seems like I fixed this problem but others have come up.  I fixed this (for anyone else reading) by doing a couple things:

    1. Ran the migration utility (dont know if this was needed)

    2. Updated Rocketlauncher (both of these steps overwrote some specific settings I had - VERY ANNOYING %^&*%^&!!!!)

    2. Changed hyperspin to use hyperlaunch for every wheel within hyperHq

    3. Added the Rocketlauncher path for the hyperlaunch path in my hyperspin bootup script 

    I'm summarizing this as i'm not in front of my arcade.

    I'm not sure what was going on with your setup... the update was just a drag a drop (replace). The problems you describe sound like you weren't using RocketLauncher before this. If that's the case, you definitely would have needed to go through that migration, which has nothing to do with HyperSpin (other than changing the HL path).

    Good luck!

  9. 9 hours ago, boomerps2 said:

    That was it. It solved the problem. If your doing a fresh install, your screwed unless you know to manually re-route the Hyperlaunch folder location. I don't recall this being an issue with previous versions.

    This is in the RocketLauncher upgrade from HL instructions.

  10. 43 minutes ago, jevansoh said:

    I'm using Mameuifx64 .171.

    Looks like you're dealing with a MAME & ROMset mismatch which might be contributing to the issue... 0.171 and 0.182 were released almost a year apart and somewhere in there I know that hiscore was changed a bit. I'd suggest finding a 0.182 build of Arcade64 (FKA MAMEUIFX) or MAME proper and trying it out to see if that's what's going on.

    @gigapig FYI - we've been having a similar discussion over here: 


  11. 2 hours ago, vaderag said:

    Hi guys,

    I know this has been ages but house move and new baby has got in the way of my finishing my project.

    I have an old set that I manually shifted through to create my current set of clones worth playing along with all other 'good' roms for mame.

    I now wish to update to the latest version of mame (0.193) and, hopefully simply, get a working set of mame games that work with x setup (in my case, 8 (+2 side) buttons, trackball, 2 joys and including light gun since some work okay with trackball) and include the clones that are worth keeping.

    I have split rom set and merged chd if that makes any difference

    The first bit is easy enough with a load of tools out there at the moment but can anybody help provide a step by step on how to go from a complete set to a hyperlist for the above?!


    Welcome back! I'm familiar with your situation... I hope you're able to get some sleep.

    If you're interested, you might start with my "best of MAME" xml (check my sig). That'll get you most of the way there, you'll just need to layer in trackball and lightgun games. I do the same thing, where I only keep the ROMs I want in my setup (though I keep the full set off to the side). I've switched to non-merged, which makes this a LOT easier since you don't need to keep parents + clones. Something to think about.

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