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  1. This will sound like a really basic question... but are you sure the RL media folder you have is named EXACTLY the same as you've defined the system in RL? You are correct about "I know if it wont work in RLUI, it probabl is the same reason it wont work in HS" - they are two different applications, joined at the hip for a single user experience. HS is literally just the graphical front end. After you hit your "start" button, everything you see until returning to the graphical wheel is handled by RL.
  2. nvram files are generated when you run games in MAME. Not all games create them, though.
  3. I'm not sure what was going on with your setup... the update was just a drag a drop (replace). The problems you describe sound like you weren't using RocketLauncher before this. If that's the case, you definitely would have needed to go through that migration, which has nothing to do with HyperSpin (other than changing the HL path). Good luck!
  4. This is in the RocketLauncher upgrade from HL instructions.
  5. Worth a shot... I'm sure you're ready to be done with this problem
  6. Looks like you're dealing with a MAME & ROMset mismatch which might be contributing to the issue... 0.171 and 0.182 were released almost a year apart and somewhere in there I know that hiscore was changed a bit. I'd suggest finding a 0.182 build of Arcade64 (FKA MAMEUIFX) or MAME proper and trying it out to see if that's what's going on. @gigapig FYI - we've been having a similar discussion over here:
  7. Thank you so much for the new release!
  8. I get this question frequently enough that maybe I should just update the description to include it.
  9. You need to be a supporting member... it's in the platinum download section
  10. Welcome back! I'm familiar with your situation... I hope you're able to get some sleep. If you're interested, you might start with my "best of MAME" xml (check my sig). That'll get you most of the way there, you'll just need to layer in trackball and lightgun games. I do the same thing, where I only keep the ROMs I want in my setup (though I keep the full set off to the side). I've switched to non-merged, which makes this a LOT easier since you don't need to keep parents + clones. Something to think about.
  11. Have you guys had any luck getting keyboard control remapping to stick in Pinball Arcade? Mine defaults every time... really annoying. I gave up on the wheel by tables and just launch PA itself, using PC Launcher.
  12. Here's an idea to extend the topic... how about a list of MAME games with interesting dip switch variants? For example, you can set a dip switch in NBA Jam to make it 2-player (and so, kind of like a clone).
  13. I can confirm that it works for me under the same conditions you described. Something's off in your setup. Are HI files being created properly?
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