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  1. You should go back to the seller for support... HyperSpin is free, not officially sold on any drives, etc. We can't provide support for some custom compilation.
  2. non-co-op games... pac-man, DK, 1943, etc.
  3. What if you're both playing the same game at the same time?
  4. griffin518

    Goodbye HyperSpin, you were once my favorite FE...

    I'm interested in playing around with this in my setup. Where would you insert this code? This is the only "bug" i've experienced in the past... would be great to have a solution to it. Thanks!
  5. griffin518

    Hyperspin won't play MP4 files. Convert MP4 to FLV

    For these, you need a copy of the "cinematic" theme file, which basically does nothing but run the video at full screen. Check the cinematic themes in the download section, you should be able to repurpose one from there.
  6. griffin518

    Recently played games list?

    You could write a script that would parse / mine the files in RocketLauncher\Data\Statistics and then edit a secondary copy of an xml to only have the top 10 active? Or you could try and parse it for more titles than that, but then that's getting more complicated. That could be cool, actually... I don't have time right now, but that seems totally doable with a little time to script and test.
  7. griffin518

    How to set up a "favourites" section? Is it possible?

    Absolutely... there's a favorites.xml file that games get added to. Check hyperHQ for the button assignment. I'm not at home right now, and it's been a while since I looked at that, but it's there.
  8. ICs are a RocketLauncher feature that goes along with bezel support. You might check the RL forums for more info, if you don't get anything here. Another alternative (that I'm working on, myself) is showing a control panel mock-up on each game's fade screen (which is also a RL feature).
  9. griffin518

    Just venting a rant

    Yeah this is an OS issue. You either don't have Windows installed on the hard drive you're using, or you don't have a master boot record written. Boot from a Windows recovery USB stick and you should be able to repair things or install Windows (but this option may require a format which will wipe your data). This is really basic stuff, and not in a derogatory way, just low-level. You'll get through it but you'll have to shuffle things around for a bit, I bet.
  10. griffin518

    MAME setting "sliders"? for HLSL effects?

  11. griffin518

    MAME setting "sliders"? for HLSL effects?

    Looking good! I prefer to use just MAME.ini (recent versions adjust for horizontal and vertical automatically), vector.ini, and then one-off game specific files for those games with resolution quirks (ex: rampage, toobin) I've got a better Metal Slug bezel for you as well, but I'm biased
  12. griffin518

    MAME setting "sliders"? for HLSL effects?

    Sometimes I find that MAME is caching the MAME.ini file. If you're inside of the MAME GUI, make sure you completely exit, make the ini changes, then re-launch.
  13. griffin518

    Volume / Mute overlay?

    I don't know if the second bullet is possible, but I use Tur-Another Idle Volume Adjuster and it is a must have for cabs. It does have an overlay. Check the download section.
  14. griffin518

    Cant move wheel for 5 seconds after exiting MAME

    Do you have AV exceptions for HyperSpin?
  15. griffin518

    Aorin our new moderator

    I, for one, welcome our new Brazilian overlord... Congrats!