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  1. Does freedo work with aimtrak? it have an strange lightgun plugin, wich seems to work in relative coords, so i can play with mouse but cant with guns, can you?
  2. mm, now i dont use pcsxr and nuvee, as i had two topguns but they both crashed as were shit. now i use ps2 scorpions with lightguns and this dontesnt work with nuvee. i use psx emu,which can be played with dual lightgun with wingun, but has problems with some game and offscreen shoots. I remember rebel assault had some level that didnt work ok, its true. I think ghostbusters start was a two button combination, a+b i suppose. another interesant thing i found time ago was that: http://frenzy.gl.tter.org/ it was dessigned to work with dual actlabs lightguns, which has an specific system for dual action. But it can be used with one topgun and suppose with aimtrak too. But only the quake one, half life didnt work for me
  3. psx Snatcher uses Justifier/Hyperblaster? have you test it? 2 years ago, when shalma did nuvee pluggin, i was asking him about adding guncon support to psx policenauts, as is the only port in english (translated in 2009). He said me that it wasnt so easy, but some days later, he got it. So, applying the two patches to policenauts, you have it in enlish and with gun support in p2. I think its amazing playing this kojima great game as good as this, and have to great Shalma, who i never talked again with.
  4. iep! i have two scorpions with wingun, only crt, but even the best pc lightguns freezesms for sms gensplusgx sdl for mcd genesis sms (f12- change device f2- fullscreen, f1- appears black cursor, but reads in absolute coords) it is a testing port, the author is focused in wii and gx ports i think vice - c64 emuzwin - spectrum, spanish gunstick bluemsx- msx JavaGX4000 -gx 4000 atari8 bit - altirra dosbox- windowed (blood bath, westphaser) Using Two littele programs named PEexplorer and resource hacker you can hide the crosshairs of some of them. (emuzwin, big buck hunt pc, freezesms,,) fceux seems to work better than nestopia. in nes there are some chinese or taiwan games. search them! some seems better than duckhunt, hoogans alley and the classics.. like lethal weapon, a copy of lethal enforcers or inverse?
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