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  1. Latest CYW is here: https://www.facebook.com/blissboxadapter/posts/1916188591731912

    Choose your weapon! The success, popularity, and quality of Sony PlayStation 2 quickly led to it being the world's best-selling gaming console. As always, with great console comes great controller and the DualShock series persists to this day!

    Given the console's successes, there's a wide variety of cosmetic controller variants. One of my favourites is the Samurai/Ninja Face-Off set from Game Elements' Freak Series II Collectors Edition Control Pads! Model numbers GEPS2F3 and GEPS2F2, respectively.

    Each beautifully sculpted, fully functional controller sits atop an equally gorgeous molded stand. These feature an impressive level of detail, right down to the carefully embossed plugins and the light-up eyeballs and gems that double as Start, Select, or Analog buttons. Each character also comes with a removable face mask that can be mounted on the stand along with the controller and plugin, ensuring the whole masterpiece is on display!

    These are a great addition to any gamer's arsenal!

    Samurai 4 Small.png

  2. 2 hours ago, Accorsi said:

    Hey, @Avar i can help you with the cards and boxes.:)

    Thanks Accorsi! Sent you a PM.

    Also, a quick not on Hozer Video Games. A decade ago, maybe a lil longer, from what I could learn Hozer was a reputable homebrew publisher but after apparently skimming profits from developers and being a general sleazeball, they kinda fell off the map for a while. The site is back but I don't think they can be considered a reputable source. As such, I've annotated anything that was Hozer exclusive as "*Hozer cart" followed by a link to an image of that cart. If Hozer sells (read: "bootlegs") things that are officially distributed by other homebrew sites like AtariAge or Good Deal Games, I've simply annotated "*Hozer cart exists* without linking to it so as to indicate it's there, but not the official source material for that game by any means. Essentially all of the links provided lead to official source material.

    Long story short, only use Hozer art in instances where we identified it as being the one and only distributor of that game (eg. Yahtzee, Z-Blocks). You can usually identify Hozer stuff in that it's ugly as piss and has this douchey lil white face with its tongue sticking out sideways.

    1 hour ago, Bain408 said:

    Good point, I actually treat sets the same way when i notice incorrect art also. didnt think of that. Wasnt trying to criticize  what yur doing here, so hope u dont think that. Yur a beast when it comes to this stuff and I dont no how u find the time or patients to do it. I feel like I barely got enough time in the day to take a decent dump so I try to help if I can.

    Oh yeah don't worry I figured that's where you were coming from! Just wanted to give a really detailed answer because before doing all this research I didn't really know what to make of homebrews or protos myself, so I wanna convey their relevance to anyone who reads the conversation.

    My last job I was flying around constantly so I had very little time but my current position is shift work so I've got a lot more, thankfully. Not sure where I get the patience from to study homebrew culture or stare at lists for so long but there are definitely times where my brains like "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" and I have to take a deep breath haha I think other systems will go a bit smoother though. Atari 2600 was a triple whammy of suck because it's the most active homebrew community, has the highest number of relevant protos due to its  being front and center of the gaming crash, and the vast majority of its original releases were given different names in NTSC and PAL. That being said I asked a Bally Astrocade expert and enthusiast site curator to have a glance at our Astrocade boxes and he pointed out a number of fakes to me there as well so we'll see XD I'm feeling confident that most fake art will be isolated to 1st/2nd gen systems, thank god.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Kondorito said:

    Hey Avar, thanks for the heads-up! I am always interested in any projects for older consoles :)

    I cannot commit to be the lead on this one for the moment as I want to finish the SNES boxes and Fami wheels. And my idea for the next project is to update the Fami 3D boxes pack with real spines (not the placeholders I made some months ago).

    Ok cool thanks for the heads up. Just tossin' names til something sticks XD Do you know of anyone else interested in older gen stuff?

  4. The fake sides I can generally have an inkling at a glance if they're real or not, but I'd have to go game by game and see a picture of the actual box to know for sure. As such, I don't think the 3D set is terribly reliable in general, unfortunately. The real big offenders in the set were the Homebrew/Proto "boxes" that were 100% fake, cuz they don't exist... or exist but look totally different. Those I separated and audited visually, one by one, against all of the source material I spent the last several days compiling non-stop. So basically what's included in that 481 is everything with front-facing artwork I could visually verify (the homebrews/protos) or that shouldn't have any reason to be inaccurate, but might be (the original releases). As mentioned, the original releases might still have fake sides in some cases. Usually that's easy to identify because it's just a generic bland side batched on but Wally did his best to try to make things look real, which would be admirable if I had any way of knowing which were actually real and which were fake haha

    No, I don't believe it's a good idea to leave fakes in, especially in instances where they're actually completely wrong.  They're basically dumpster fodder from a QC perspective and they cast the entire set they're a part of into doubt. Take protos for example. There's usually images of the real proto cart/disc/cassette/etc the game was discovered on and dumped from. They may not be pretty... but they're usually worth thousands and thousands of dollars and they're extremely relevant culturally and historically, especially since metadata is going to be including write-ups that will often discuss the proto and its appearance, etc.

    For homebrews, whether or not a game gets a cart or a box is very relevant. If people can't handle gaps, there are other options but we can't go forging physical media in any official set. Not only is it a lie but it makes it so hard to work with later. It cost me hundreds of hours over the last few weeks getting this sorted out, for example, because it's easy to make convincing fakes and the only way to tell what's fake is to go one by one, compare it to the real thing, and consult experts on the subject. While we can share fake art in cases where the set and art is clearly annotated as "fanart" it would be disrespectful and dishonest for me to let fake art into any official set, especially if we want to have any credibility as a digital museum. Also, just because a fake is convincing doesn't mean it lives up to the real thing. For example, here's Wally's fake Qb box, which is essentially the cart label blown up:

    Qb (USA) (Homebrew).png

    And here's the real box:


    And here's Venture II's real CiB:


    Before doing all this homebrew research I had similar feelings about gap filling but I've since come to have a tremendous amount of respect for the history and culture of what's essentially a living, breathing industry of quality development. The only reason I learned about it was because I'm doing the audit. I honestly felt misled by fake art such that I simply had no idea how vibrant and involved the levels of publishing and release were, or how rare/important they can be. Not to mention, making fake art does nothing to help the developer especially if the fake art is shit compared to their vision for the real art.

    The best way to fill gaps is to support the developers. If people want to leave fake stuff in their own personal sets that's up to them but HyperSpin shouldn't mislead people. Like.. if I'm looking at an ugly cart at a yard sale that could be a $2000 proto... I wanna know about it lol I don't wanna be like "hmmm.. the only image I've seen of this is a fake clean label on a rendered cart." Same with homebrews. This stuff can be collectible and developers often have to deal with forgers and resellers already, so it kinda makes matters worse if we're promulgating unofficial physical media. All of that can be observed in the previously attached source list.

    I understand people don't like gaps. I'll touch on this more later today in the art forum but basically, making fake art to fill gaps is just wasted effort when real art exists. Sometimes gaps exist for a reason. I'm in the military and understand the value of standards very well but not everything always follows the same standard and its often for good reason.

  5. Yeah that's the accurate ones. Wally's box set was about 25% complete fakes and of that 481 there seem to still be a lot of fake sides.

    As mentioned, gonna make a general post on it today but the gist of it is that we can't forge artwork just for the sake of filling gaps and, if we do, we've gotta make it extremely clear and include a readme or something that's unmissable to indicates what's fake and how.  That said, there are regular contests for homebrew art or sometimes the creators are happy to take submissions so in cases where something doesn't have a cart or a CiB yet the healthiest thing is to support them by offering art or pushing for a CiB/cart release. Fake art is passable if I can clearly identify it as fake. I just can't put forged art on display though and tell the world "This is what this box/cart looks like" when it's not, especially if we want to be taken seriously :o

  6. Ok after extensive research and with some feedback at AtariAge I've given the database a major overhaul and we now have what'll be effectively close to the final list. An important point though is that this system is going to see new additions basically forever, so I'll be monitoring the scene and keeping an eye on the development community to make additions to it in a timely manner.

    There were some major issues with the existing art for this system. Namely, about 25% of it was completely fake. This has become a bit of a trend so I'll make a separate post in the Graphic Creation forum with more detail .  I know this system can be a bit confusing to work with, especially when it comes to homebrews and protos, so I have compiled a massive 50+ page list of source images (attached)  for every single one of them, in addition to doing my best to identify the level of release given to each.

    I went through one by one and manually removed the fake homebrew/proto art. Unfortunately there are still a lot of cases of fake side-art in the 3D set such that we can't trust much of it and will prolly wanna eventually overhaul it in general.

    A quick note on the media status numbers in the OP. The reason there's a different total for boxes, wheels, and carts is because not every game has a CiB release yet or a cart release yet but every game still gets a wheel. Now, despite not having a cardboard box, cart only releases might still come in standardized packaging but I'll let y'all know when some of my orders show up. For now, the attached list is good guidance on which games need which types of art.


    If any Content Creators are interested in tackling this baby just lemme know and I'll fire you the cleaned up set with the fakes removed (minus the non-homebrew/proto fake sides that I haven't investigated). If I remember correctly @dougan78 you wanted me to let you know when this list was ready. Trying to think of any other creators who do a lot of 1st/2nd gen system work. @Kondorito @zbboc is this anything that interests you guys? Lemme know if I'm forgetting any of the artists with a passion for these older systems :3

    I wanted to support homebrew developers so I do still have a lot of source material in the mail right now. However, since there ended up being waaaaay more ommisions in the database than I realized when I made that initial announcement, I can't come close to affording everything right now. That being said, this is a pretty comprehensive set of all the images I could find so it should go a long way and imo there's enough there to complete a really gorgeous 1080p set right now: Atari 2600 Homebrew and Proto Media.docx



  7. Thank you @ghostlost @Bungles @RetroHumanoid @Mykillvee @md_max @rondar @MADrigal @JSinn @SupraKarma @mankin @Krakerman @Kondorito for your awesome work! 

    HyperUpdate! Site upgrades continue and we still don't have our precious mushroom stamps back, so here's a slew of new content to cheer you up!
    Both ghostlost and bungles have uploaded tons of gorgeous new 16:9 themes yet again!
    We got two more of RetroHumanoid's unmatched cinematic themes!
    More MAME work from Mykillvee:
    md_max brings us some very welcome Arcade PC work:
    rondar brings us some extremely polished themes in both 4:3 -and- 16:9:
    More >UHD+++++++ GC discs from JSinn:
    More UHD Dreamcast media from SupraKarma:
    mankin's been filling some MAME wheel gaps:
    Krakerman continues to produce astounding MAME bezels and marquees:
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  8. I don't want Pac-Man specifically because of the patterns, but imo you can't disallow them. It's not cheating in any way and still takes skill and timing to execute properly. A lot of games have patterns that are better than others so playing without them is as good as playing blind-folded in a lot of games. Plus if someone knows a pattern, them trying to not follow it would be a major handicap in that they'd have to concentrate on both staying alive and being careful they didn't use the pattern. Plus it's all honour system and most people don't record their play so there's no way of knowing one way or another.

  9. Big thanks to @ghostlost @Bungles @NEO207 @Mykillvee @Krakerman @SupraKarma @Kondorito @husko! Green mushrooms for everybody!

    HyperUpdate! The site is currently undergoing updates and maintenance so there may be some temporary outages. Hasn't stopped people from contributing to the community though :D
    ghostlost uploaded more of his gorgeous 16:9 themes and wheels:
    Bungles contributed more awesome 16:9 themes and new frontend exit media:
    Great new 4:3 themes from NEO207 and Mykillvee:
    Several sexy new 4K marquees/bezels from Krakerman:
    Loads of new historically accurate boxes from SupraKarma and Kondorito's SNES project:
    And more outstanding UHD SNES marquees from husko!
    Happy gaming!


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  10. 8 minutes ago, Metalzoic said:

    Very cool, but I'm not sure I'm down to completely update my cab, Hyperspin, Rocketlauncher etc... since it is all rock solid right now.

    That's fair. I suspect a lot of the stuff I can't talk about yet will incentivize people to switch. I do understand the nuisance it's been of changing an already functional cab but a huge part of our work is making such difficulties a thing of the past. Depends what's in your build at present but it mind end up being worth the upgrade from all the holes I'm finding in our current databases alone @[email protected]

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  11. Thank you @RetroHumanoid @Bungles @ghostlost @husko @Krakerman @SupraKarma @Mykillvee @rondar @MildAnti and the rest of our awesome community.

    HyperUpdate! This has been a Saturday full of awesome submissions!
    We got yet another awesome cinematic theme from the talented RetroHumanoid:
    A host of wonderful Telltale Games and other PC themes from Bungles:
    More awesome ghostlost themes!
    husko announced more marquees and themes:
    More 4K marquees and bezels from Krakerman:
    More new SNES boxes from SupraKarma:
    And new 4:3 themes from Mykillvee, rondar, and MildAnti:
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  12. HyperAI will be a fundamental HS component that'll come out alongside the next release. No release date I can announce though i can say we have a target date in mind and from my perspective work if flowing well on all fronts.

  13. I'll start. I think FF7 is (and always was) the single most overrated game of all time. Even in my youth, after FF, FFIV, and FFVI I was hyped af by VII's cool ass commercials but I ended up needing three separate attempts to get through the game because every last thing about it just bored/annoyed the absolute piss outta me. The music was a massive downgrade from VI and even IV, everything was slow to the point even standard progress felt like a grind, neither the primary characters nor the supporting characters or random NPCs seemed to have the same spirit as in any other FF (save for the Turks, they were probably the only thing about the game that impressed me), and despite being on PSX the non-FMV graphics seemed worse to me than anything on NES or SNES. I didn't feel this way about VIII or IX though so I think it was more an issue of not quite knowing how to blend the on-screen styles with a 3D game yet. Oh, and both the primary protagonist -AND- the primary antagonist are pathetic bitches (they did fix this in Advent Children at least). Like... seriously.... Sephiroth's entire claim to fame is big sword, mommy issues, and walks through fire that one time. Oh... and kills Aeris despite there being no good reason they couldn't heal/revive her... Something the party ALWAYS TRIES IN OTHER GAMES BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY WOULD! It indirectly breaks the fourth wall if they don't! I mean... Sephiroth is barely bad enough to be a SUB boss in other RPGs.

    Iunno. I just really hate this game for all the artistic choices they made or didn't make. I'll probably replay it on Steam for the achievements at some point but I feel like the only reason this is popular is because it was a lot of ppl's first RPG, likely owing to Square's aggressive Hollywood-esque marketing for it.




    PSX RPG that deserves all the adoration FFVII gets? Fuckin' The Legend of Dragoon. I'm a big fan of FFVIII and FFIX but I still firmly believe The Legend of Dragoon is superior to both. I'd argue that it deserves being considered amongst the best in RPG history and it's better than VII in every conceivable way.




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  14. Thanks today to @RetroHumanoid @MADrigal @hoscarconh @ghostlost @Bungles @rondar @husko @JSinn @Krakerman @griffin518 @SupraKarma @ignees @kymah @NEO207!

    HyperUpdate! So much widescreen love happening these days!
    There's new fade, pause, and intro media from RetroHumanoid:
    Two new beta simulations from MADrigal:
    More great 16:9 themes from hoscarconh, ghostlost, bungles, and Rondar:
    husko has added to his impressive UHD SNES marquees project for HS supporters:
    We got more of JSinn's great disc work:
    More 4K arcade bezels/marquees from Krakerman:
    Another great bezel from griffin518:
    Further additions to the realistic-style SNES box project from SupraKarma:
    As well as great new 4:3 themes from ignees, kymah, and NEO207:
    Happy gaming!
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