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  1. I was just thinking... When you use digital LED's with a WS2801 chip you only need two ports on the Arduino Uno for controlling 100 individual RGB leds. This could give a spectacular light show, or even ambilight function using adalight. Hmmm...
  2. I just updated to wip9 coming from wip7 as I had some troubles with launching newer tables as Genesis. Everything works as expected. Thank you for all your time and effort Mr. Blur. It's really appreciated !
  3. wow, pretty clear orange is the way to go.
  4. With the graphics skills I lack, it's safe to say I'm interested
  5. okay, next on the list then : Bigger apartment for JP Or perhaps evacuate his neighbors.
  6. If it's possible to setup PayPal, or reactivate BeerMe, I'd be happy to chip in. And indeed. Jp would be another candidate. Perhaps it's possible to create a list of candidates who really deserve it, but might have no funds to build their own ? If the list would be to long, we could try and do a lottery to keep things equal. H4CK3R, you've made a wonderful gesture to organize this ! Kudo's !!
  7. Awww, just saw you tried to message me. Sorry I didn't react. I was to blown away by the effects
  8. Well, some of us (including me) are usig cheap China-ware. (Wolf is out of stock atm) So I guess it wouldn't hurt to add another FRED for safety.
  9. Now this is getting interesting ! Link
  10. Thanks guys, I'll start working on entering the dungeons One could expect from a motor driver to be able to cope with the fact that when power stops running towards the motor and it has some "after spin", it will generate some power huh.
  11. Quick question Ben, The tutorial shows a diode on the shaker leads. Isn't the motor already shielded from the LedWiz by the H-Bridge ? Reason I ask is because I didn't add one. If I want to add one now, it's a whole lot of work, since that shakermotor and bridge are buried deep in the dark dungeons of my cabinet.
  12. It's strong enough for buttons, LED strobes, flashers and contactors, but when you run a gear motor and / or shaker it gets toasted. (speaking out of experience hehe)
  13. Blur, I'd like to praise your efforts of continuously supporting this community ! :top:
  14. Thank you for this info. If I ever get my artwork done, I'd be happy to order from you. Kudo's on the customs forms
  15. Yup. There's always the possibility to use a relays if your switching something heavy, i.e. a knocker.
  16. Holy sweet Jesus ! I could only dream of creating such wonderful designs !! WTB Illustrator skills !
  17. If you have the size and weight (tube?) I most likely could calculate shipping costs. I think with USPS it's around 80-ish bucks using express mail international.. I agree with Thommo, I'd rather pay extra for someone who knows what he's doing then having the fuss with a local printer to have him reprint 3 times.
  18. Next thing we know it's ending up like this : N2zSfNpUxT8&feature=related
  19. Thank you very much ! It's indeed very explanatory. Would shipping overseas be an option ?
  20. lmao ur always very funny with your 'expressive' pictures
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