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  1. @dvdj: Thanks for the verification. Also, the dll that is with the exe is what you can use to interface to the Howler. I am still working on documentation for it but if you want to just set LEDs, you can do the following: Here is the VB Code to Light the LEDs 'First Import the library: Imports HowlerLibrary.HowlerMainClass 'Next initialize the Howlers: Dim numHowlers As Integer = 0 numHowlers = HowlerInterface.Init() 'Returns number of Howlers, if it is not => 1 there no howlers were found in the system 'Set all the LEDs (If there are Howlers in the system (start at index 0 for first howler, up to 3 for 4 howlers) Dim ledArray As Byte() = {<initial values>} 'ledArray is a 96 byte array mapped as follows: {J1LEDR, J1LEDG, J1LEDB, J2LEDR, J2LEDG, J2LEDB, J3LEDR, J3LEDG, J3LEDB, J4LEDR, J4LEDG, J4LEDB, B1R, B1G, B1B, B2R, B2G, B12B, ...<B3 through B25 the same>... B26R, B26G, B26B, HP1R, HP1G, HP1B, HP1R, HP1G, HP1B} HowlerInterface.SetAllLEDs(0, ledArray) 'Set LEDs for first howler found @dvdj give it a try and let me know how it goes! Thanks, Josh
  2. As promised the Howler Config (Now at V0.23) program has been updated. As I said before there will be bugs and I will squash them as they come! I am also working on a rather large update to both the firmware and Config program which adds shift functionality, dramatically improved trackball and spinner performance, and also the ability to save controls and LED profiles. Download the latest version here: http://www.wolfwareeng.com/?page_id=202 Thanks, Josh
  3. @djvj: Thanks for pointing out those bugs, A new version of Howler Config will be release later tonight with BOTH of those issues fixed! If anyone else finds anything, let me know! Josh
  4. @djvj: I am working on the software as I write this. What are the specs of the computer are you running it on? What OS are you using? Thanks, Josh
  5. @djvj: You can set the colors using the Howler Config program and LEDBlinky with Howler support is supposed to be released by the end May (It is currently finishing up beta testing). For more advanced programmers, I have a dll available if you would like to make your own scripts. Let me know. Also, if anyone is interested in me making a commandline based app I make that as well, I just thought most people would be using LEDBlinky. I hope everyone has received their Howlers!
  6. We are already at 400 likes in just 10 days, only 600 more to go to give away a free Howler Controller. Also, we need more posts on the facebook page of your retro video game memories because once we receive 100 of these posts we will be choosing the best one to give away an additional Howler Controller! Thanks, Wolfware Technologies
  7. Hey everyone, Wolfware Technologies Inc now has its own facebook page and would really "like" to have some friends (Since they have none in the real world because they have been spending all their time developing the Howler Arcade Controller)... "Like" the page and/or post your favourite old school video game memory to win your very own Howler Arcade Controller! Visit the Wolfware Technologies facebook page for more details: http://www.facebook.com/wolfwaretech Good luck and HAVE fun! Wolfware Technologies Inc.
  8. @jcm9800: Paradise Arcade Shop www.paradisearcadeshop.com is selling kits with the Howler, buttons, joysticks and all required wiring. @brianstjean: The software used is a Beta version of LEDBlinky. THe release version should be available in the next few weeks. Check out www.ledblinky.net for more details.
  9. Thank you very much for your support guys. I also posted this in the BYOC forums and had hundreds of views and dozens of comments in a few hours, most of which were supporting me and guess what happened. It was removed from the site. I think it is pretty ridiculous that When someone puts an opinion of something that they don't like tey remove it when everyone gets involved!Also, I have yet to hear a peep about out of this from ultimarc. Thank you hyperspin community for being very supportive! Josh
  10. Hello everyone, I am sure some of you have seen the Ultimarc post about his "NEW" device. I posted a reply on his post which he promptly deleted, I find this VERY unprofessional. He copied the Howler functionality nearly 100% even down to the number of LED drives (96) and he can't even own up to the fact. I thought he would consult me before copying the Howler 100% but I had no idea that he would copy it down to the smallest detail. I thought the group of people in this small niche community worked together, not go behind each others back and steal others ideas. I originally made the Howler for myself and showed a few people on the forums and they asked if they could get one so I made a Kickstarter project out of it. I am not making very much money on this project at all and did it out of love for the hobby. It is VERY disappointing that someone would take my many months and months of work and basically copy it 100%. The awesome thing about the Howler is that it is 100% open source (hardware AND firmware) so that an LED driver can be made for ANY OS. I will be releasing the firmware source code in the next few weeks (I have been very busy shipping out product). If anyone is interested in the ORIGINAL All-In-One OPEN SOURCE arcade controller WITH ACCELEROMETER for pinball nudge and TILT that I poured my heart and soul into check out: http://www.wolfwaretech.com It is not so much that someone copied the idea (I expected that one of the 2 would), it is that they copied it 100% and then bashed my product on their site. It also really bothers me that they deleted my post on their forum (it was not negative or bashing them in any way, just stating truths) Check out the youtube video of the Howler in action: If anyone has any questions about the Howler controller send me an email at: [email protected] Thanks, (a very disappointed) Josh
  11. Here is the Howler in action with Hyperspin and a Beta version of LEDBlinky! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1Ts3mtuJLY Pick up your very own at http://www.wolfwaretech.com or http://http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=howler Josh
  12. HOWLERS SHIPPING ON MONDAY! Yes, the Howler Arcade Controller is finally shipping! I have been working my ass off to get over 230 boards programmed and tested. I now have enough to ship to all you amazing people who pre-ordered! The past 6 months have been crazy busy but I have learned a lot of what to do, but mostly what NOT to do. I am sure there are still bugs in the firmware and software but I have made the Howler Controllers USB upgradable and will be uploading a video to www.wolfwaretech.com for a simple step-by-step upgrade process. The current version (0.202) is very stable but I am sure some of you will come up with new features to implement and maybe even find a bug or two. I will also have the Howler Config Program available for download soon (should be up on the website before most of you receive your boards). The creator of LEDBlinky has also been working very hard to support the Howler Controller and it should also be supported by the time you receive your boards. I am going to be spending the entire weekend packaging up the boards and kits to get ready for shipment. Shipments will begin on Monday, April 7 (only a week later than originally planned!) and will probably take most of the week to get out. I will try to update everyone’s kickstarter backer reports to “Reward Sent” as I send them out. I will be shipping out the Canadian and International orders myself and the wonderful people at Paradise Arcade Shop (Bryan and Susan) will be shipping out all the US orders (they already have all the Howler Controllers needed to do so). They are awesome people and have been a great help on this project. Please feel free to do an un-boxing on Youtube! If you do, please send me the link. I would also very much appreciate if you could share pictures and videos of your “Howler Inside” arcade machines so I can add them to the website. Also, I am sure I will be bombarded with questions once people start receiving their Howlers so please don’t get too upset if I don’t answer right away. I will answer as fast as I can and will be putting together a FAQ on the website once I see what the main issues are. Again if anyone has any questions of concerns, please email me: [email protected] Thanks again to all of you for making this project a reality. Josh
  13. Hey everyone, Here is a video of the Howler Config Application in action, please let me know what you think! (best viewed full screen at 720p): Josh
  14. Howler Open Source Arcade Controller featured in a CBC Technology News Article: cbc.sh/QUwdpbF
  15. Hey guys, if you want to pick one up for March delivery you can order them at www.wolfwareeng.com
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