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  1. Trying this out of curiosity. When I start a game Retroarch loads but stays on a black screen. I tried Mame4Droid, as it is the only non retroarch emulator, and that worked fine. Also the wheel seems to have every game listed in the xml rather than just the ones I have. Not sure if that's a bug or normal behavior for Hyperspin. :edit: I think it's because I've both the 32bit and 64 bit RetroArch installed. Unfortunately I can't uninstall the 64 bit one because I have weeks of customisations on it.
  2. I've been trying to suss out Amiga emulation on Android for a long time and think I've finally got it sorted. I never owned an Amiga as a kid although I desperately wanted one. I've never used Hyperspin but I found this thread on Google and I thought it beginner friendly. Also the posted working version of uae4arm for the Shield was very handy (thanks Honosuseri). I just wanted to post my findings. Initially I had numerous hdf files from another time when I tried and gave up. I didn't realise the ones for RetroArch and the Ransom ones weren't universally compatible. The Ransom ones wouldn't work in RetroArch (with PUAE) and the Retroarch hdf files weren't working in UAE4ARM (until I realised it needed a WhdLoad file as well). Also what was really causing me problems was if I tried to load the hdf from my sd card it wouldn't work at all. Again I realised that once I moved it to the internal storage and ran it from there I had no problem. Basically I'm now wondering whether to use UAE4ARM or RetroArch? Would you guys have a recommendation? Bear in mind I'm not using HyperSpin. As for that maybe one day I'll take it on. What frightens me is the amount of time I'd end up losing to it! Again thanks to Honosuseri for his Youtube vids and posting a link to a working UAE4ARM.
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