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  1. Cool---thanks! MCM is a Mame Content Manager and Catver is a INI file. http://mcm.mameworld.info/ I gave my older computer (which was pretty beefy) to a family with most of the games on it minus the tech heavy games (PS2) for Christmas. My antivirus killed Hyperspin (I know I know, I read about that and had to just recently re-do it) and the best way to kill the adult games on MAME was MCM which worked in a pinch. Felt pretty bad for the feller and that was my good dead for the year....plus made a few kids pretty happy with some cool games. Thanks all!
  2. OK, I have examined the various means of using MCM to make a better list for the arcade games to put in the computer to have an excellent experience for anyone who comes over----this has led to a question considering the myriad of bad dumps on MAME (no fault of the MAME team BTW) So the question stands------what is the best way to do this????? 1: Use MCM and the catver whatever list to remove the roms and adult games (I have younger family and that would rather suck---plus most of them are far from good) 2: use Don's tools and edit out the bad games like non working etc. including adult and those horrid mahjong and card games that are---well---not fun. 3: Go rom by rom and check each one and when I am done upload the INI file (if that is the right one) so others don't have to go through with this annoyance. Cheers to all who have gotten me to this point like Simply Awesome (Austin) and Gigapig (who is equally awesome) as well as others in this great community.
  3. Agreed, a "pre-done" drive is a nightmare. I spent 9 months working through one for a friend and ended up only using the roms. Organize and put the work in yourself and not only will it be faster but you will understand it. Good luck.
  4. Here is the control panel and front of the cabinet---kinda odd how it has Street Fighter II marquee and side art on on side from Gauntlet but still has loads of potential. Agreed---it keeps one from bumping into the other person perhaps but they have got to be either replaced or rotated correctly depending on the ease of adding in the USB connection. It is frustrating to play some of the games like Elevator Action which is on the Game Elf---- which after a short consideration it is deemed must be replaced with Hyperspin for maximum "BANG" effect---plus it is much cooler having ALL the games in one shot on MAME. Also, I am drawing a blank on what the graphics are for the controls---is that Klax or something of the sort????
  5. Here is the control panel and front of the cabinet---kinda odd how it has Street Fighter II marquee and side art on on side from Gauntlet but still has loads of potential. The controls are also at 45 degrees and honestly I HATE that, but other than that is is too cool and will be even better with all the classics in it and a trackball added along with re-working the art (which I got for Christmas as well as a new bezel).
  6. I just recently purchased a very nice Gauntlet machine that is in pretty good shape and am very satisfied with it....but of course there is always the desire for more. The monitor has some burn which is not a major issue since I can replace it with an lcd monitor. That said I am curious if it is possible to pull out the Atari bezel and put in a full sized screen that fits nice and flush with the dimensions it could potentially hold. Specifically 23 1/2" long by 20" tall. I know, it could be a tall order, but it would be pretty cool in there.....and look awesome. As it stands there is a Game Elf 620 board which has some nice games on it, but the truth is MAME has better versions it seems to me of the games with less lag and screen issues than the less customize-able game elf. Pictures will be coming in the near future to get ideas from you all. Cheers
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