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  1. I’m still here “sometimes” but most everyone has moved over to Launchbox. It would be nice to be able to use Hyperspin without all the add ons to make it work. I think controller support would be a big one I also know sometimes Hyperspin doesn’t close so you can’t run it again until you go into task manager and manually close it. I currently have an old Hyperspin using hyperlaunch on my old arcade with a crt monitor and it runs solid with no problems but I don’t use a controller for it. Definitely more stable than the newer version. I will be trying Launchbox on my next build.
  2. What system? Not every system has themes. If you click on default all In hypersync I’m pretty sure it will grab the themes when it syncs.
  3. can you help me with snes9x?

  4. I can confirm it works with xp64 at this point with all windows updates. I to am using xp64 for my cab due to resolution issues but have hypersync running on my machine. It did give me problems until I updated the .net framework and did a windows update then it was fine.
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