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  1. Pretty sure this is a known bug. I could be wrong but I thought @ninja2bceen posted a fix that closes extra hyperspin exes that are running. Happens to mine on windows 10 also so it’s not just yours.
  2. Need to make sure the xml file has the new games you put on there also. You can use rom2xml to do this
  3. This just made my day!! Just a quick question, a few bezels throughout the bezel project are not named the same as the hyperspin xml. Example this GameCube set, Luigis Mansion won’t show because the name is different. I also noticed Atari 2600 PAC-Man is slightly different. Have you noticed this as well and is there a program that could rename just folders?
  4. I’m subscribed and have to say I love the gameplay videos you do! Gets me motivated to actually play some games instead of always tinkering around with my setup.
  5. Just want to give thanks to @paco8998 for the GameCube themes! They look great!! Just have to rename them and they are perfect!! I just need to find a set of bezels for GameCube. I checked @ninja2bceen in his dojo folder, but unless I’m blind, I don’t see they exist. Thanks again for all the work you put into these!!
  6. Is there a pack available for @paco8998 GameCube themes? I searched downloads- consoles-GameCube but did not see them?
  7. Just saw this. Must be on their end. Glad it wasn’t just me!
  8. I’ve been using The bezel project for all my bezels with no issues. https://github.com/thebezelproject
  9. What system? Not every system has themes. If you click on default all In hypersync I’m pretty sure it will grab the themes when it syncs.
  10. can you help me with snes9x?

  11. I can confirm it works with xp64 at this point with all windows updates. I to am using xp64 for my cab due to resolution issues but have hypersync running on my machine. It did give me problems until I updated the .net framework and did a windows update then it was fine.
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