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  1. As I mentioned in the first post, I'm a lifetime member of HS and will pop back in from time to time to see where HS is going. Also, I get notified when someone replies to my posts so I'm just trying to answer the questions people are asking. Whether you like HS, AM, etc. we are all in the same hobby and are passionate about gaming. I see no reason not to help each other out. Nobody has to "take a side". People can embrace multiple frontends just like they embrace multiple emulators. Some might think RetroArch is the best thing around while others might prefer MAME or other standalone emulators. There isn't a right or wrong, just a matter of opinion. The more information you have allows you to better form your personal opinion. P.S. If I was trying to push my opinion on others I wouldn't have mentioned 4 other FEs earlier in the post. I just want people to know their options and how other FEs have progressed.
  2. If you want to know about AM layouts ask on their forum. There are animated layouts. Most AM layouts have builtin options to adjust the setting to your preferences that you might need to turn on to see the animations. This is done so the same layouts can run on under powered hardware like the Pi without the animations. Here's one example (jump to 3:00) BTW - This is older and there are better examples but this came to mind and was easy to find. I personally prefer and use simpler unified layouts that use blurs and shaders (a feature only available in AM) to make every game look unique.
  3. You're speaking out of ignorance and not first hand knowledge and experience. AttractMode is not a WIP FE and has been around for along time. It's more stable than HS which has had freeze issues, loss of focus issuees, and input issues for years which have all been mentioned in this single thread. AttractMode is considerably more customizable than HS. Please provide a single thing HS can do that AM can't. I can provide a dozen things AM can do that HS can't. There are many great AttractMode layouts/themes that don't need to be modified, just look on youtube or here http://forum.attractmode.org/index.php?topic=481.msg16357#msg16357. These layouts/themes can be changed in seconds in AttractMode while in HyperSpin you'll need to move around a bunch of files and folders for every system you want to change. WIP in AttractMode actually means a work in progress. WIP in HyperSpin means it will likely never happen.
  4. An exact looking and running theme runs better on RetroFe (it's the default FE theme and uses hyperlist.xml databases). For game loading speed you can eliminate RocketLaucher in RetroFE, you can also keep RL for a fast setup of a second FE for testing and/or swapping between the two.
  5. This thread wasn't meant to be promotion for other FEs. Different strokes for different folks is what I like to say. LaunchBox is not for a computer savvy person and will drive them nuts with their "fuzzy logic" that most people love. High resource use, limited OS support, closed source code and needing to pay for BigBox (no one would ever run LaunchBox on a cabinet) are some big reasons to look elsewhere. Even with BigBox, I wouldn't run it on a cabinet today. P.S. Let me also mention I have lifetime subscriptions to HS, BB, EM, etc. so I'll get every update for every FE. Though I mention lower or zero cost, I have paid for each of these and cost IS NOT a factor in my analysis.
  6. 1. Yes, HyperSpin hasn't seen a real update for at least 5 years. Bug fixes and limping along to run current Windows releases aren't updates. 2. RL migration wasn't a HyperSpin upgrade. It was HyperSpin moving to RL because its own HyperLauncher was outdated and all of the talent behind it abandon HS to start RL to be used with other FEs. Let's call a spade a spade. Let there be no mistake, I know computers so the HS setup was trivial for me compared to the horror stories you can read on the forum. In fact if you read my posts you'll see 95%+ are helping others and not asking questions. I'm not complaining about anything other than HS being outdated, which is VERY HARD TO DISPUTE. As I mentioned above, some HS themes work and some need adjustment when used in AM. Instead of converting 400 themes, as you claim, wouldn't it be smarter to modify the single hyperspin.nut loader that interprets the HS themes to work correctly? Or you could ask for someone to do it for you since it's open source and anyone with the talent could fix it? You want a tool to make your own AM layouts from scratch, here you go http://forum.attractmode.org/index.php?topic=1697.msg11996#msg11996. Here's another tool that makes making your own layouts easy http://forum.attractmode.org/index.php?topic=1945.msg13386#msg13386. Just like the HS forum, the AM forum has many helpful and knowledgeable people that will help you create your layouts. There are many threads over the years with Graphic Designers connecting with Coders (and vice versa) to make great things happen. I think this is turning into something I never intended. I don't want to put down HS, I do still like it, but I'm not to blind to see that there are better options these days.
  7. FYI - AttractMode can natively run your HS game specific themes. Some will work perfectly, some will need modifications to display properly. I have done this myself and there are even youtube videos of people doing this. BTW - I didn't even mention HS's lack of widescreen support. I guess it's been that long since it has been my go-to FE.
  8. I understand but you do have the games/bios/emulators/artwork/etc. organized, configured and working. You don't need to use RL to easily run another FE. After all a FE is exactly that, a frontend, it's not doing any work other than showing you the systems and games. I'm not trying to sell anyone on using another FE. If your happy with what you have then it makes no sense to change it.
  9. 90% of the time spent on HS was really configuring RL. There is no need to spend a ton of time to try another FE since you already have all the games working in RL. Just point the new FE to RL and your HS art assets and you're ready to go. Here's my RL Frontends.ini [Settings] Default_Frontend=Attract-Mode [RocketLauncherUI] Path=.\RocketLauncherUI.exe RLUI_Plugin=Auto RL_Plugin=Default [HyperSpin] Path=..\..\HyperSpin\HyperSpin.exe RLUI_Plugin=HyperSpin RL_Plugin=HyperSpin [Attract-Mode] Path=..\..\AttractMode\attract.exe RLUI_Plugin=AttractMode RL_Plugin=AttractMode [LaunchBox] Path=..\..\LaunchBox\LaunchBox.exe RLUI_Plugin=LaunchBox RL_Plugin=LaunchBox [RetroFE] Path=..\..\RetroFE\core\retrofe.exe RLUI_Plugin=RetroFE RL_Plugin=RetroFE [3D Arcade] Path=..\..\3D Arcade\fe3darcade.exe RLUI_Plugin=3D Arcade RL_Plugin=RocketLauncherUI [GameEx] Path=..\..\Games\GameEx\GameEx.exe RLUI_Plugin=Auto RL_Plugin=GameEx
  10. I have every worth while FE installed and Attract-Mode is by far the best. open source runs on most OSes light weight and fast easy logical setup dynamic filtering ultimate flexibility for menu structure easy changing of themes/layouts support for other FE themes support for importing other FE databases/romlists builtin scraper 100% free RocketLauncher supported but not required plugins and modules that make adding features easy like game search, PDF viewer, etc. almost every aspect of the FE can be modified inside the FE while it's running stores statistics so you can use them in your dynamic filters or in your themes/layouts (most played games, games played for the longest duration of time, etc.) #2 RetroFE - very nice but lacks some of the features that Attract-Mode has, supports multiple OSes, great logical setup that supports variables (every FE should have this) , menu structure flexibility, 100% free #3 HyperSpin - looks pretty but uses dated flash which makes it slow, lack of development, lack of input support, lack of menu flexibility, only runs on Windows, no flexibility of art asset location #4 LaunchBox/BigBox - not ideal for a cabinet, slow with a large footprint, easy setup if you have no art assets or computer skills but a pain in the ass if you want to use your existing artwork and configure things how you'd like, nonsensical naming convention when using its builtin scraper make its art assets unusable with other FEs without renaming #5 EmulationStation - light weight and small foot print but no official support or development, takes a while to launch and shutdown because of the reading and writing of the metadata #6 GameEx - it works but you'll have to pay to use it, not the best looking or best performing FE, easy configuration I wasn't planning on talking about other FEs here but a couple of people asked. Obviously this is just my opinion. HyperSpin was once the only FE to use in my mind but it was also the most complex and time consuming to setup. A few years have gone by and HyperSpin is still the same while other FEs have progressed and surpassed it. It doesn't matter if you're talking about a FE, car, computer, cell phone, etc. if there is no continued improvement/expansion/streamlining it will become obsolete. How many people here would buy a 5 year old cell phone or computer? HyperSpin is now a 5 year old cell phone.
  11. but now I find you undeveloped and outdated. I spent months, maybe even a year to get you exactly how I wanted you to perform. You were (and still are) beautiful with your unique (back then) themes per game. I was forced to embrace RL (RocketLauncher) which isn't all bad but not the easiest thing to migrate to but lets be honest, HS (HyperSpin) has never had anything that was easy to a novice. I do plan to visit the site from time to time. I do have a lifetime subscription. I do hope that HS comes up with some new mind-blowing build and I''ll come back but for now my cabinet runs with a much more efficient FE and has no issues with input. Let's face it, HS has had input issues for more than 4 years! This is no secret. Good luck to HS.
  12. It just dawned on me that HS problems could be solved by releasing the code as open source. There has been no real development in years. It would fix issues in weeks as well as make improvements. Why not? Afraid of competing or afraid of not making money? Maybe there is more money to be made this way. If you won't build it why not let others? You do know this 2018 and not 1980, right?
  13. I can also confirm .chd works with 4DO. Other .chd supported systems (with the right emulator) include DC, Saturn, TG16-CD and PC-FX.
  14. I concur. I don't need or want frequent updates. I do want bugs fixed, not being able to control HS without using a keyboard emulator or 3rd party software is a complete joke in 2018. It was a complete joke in 2014 and it will still be a complete joke in 2022. Thanks for the animated wheel... that can't be controlled natively. Wake up in the middle of the night for an update? Rip Van Winkle hasn't missed a real HS version update. I like old when it's provides benefit, quality, sentiment or beauty. I have antiques and collect several old things. There is a lot of truth to the saying, "They don't build things like the use to." On the other hand I have no use for a punch card computer. I don't like broken and I never implied I want a ton or updates or to update often. In fact the number of updates on smart phones and their application is completely out of hand (I don't need my flash light app updated 10 times a week). With HS it's been several years with NO updates. A fix to work on Windows 10 is not an update, it's a bug fix. Let's call a spade a spade. "Flawlessly" is a word I have never heard in the same sentence as HyperSpin unless it's prefixed with "does not work". My HS build works great but only after jumping through a ton of hoops and using a lot of 3rd party software. This was acceptable and normal 10 years ago but is just lazy in this day and age. Let's face it, the HS community has given more to HS in the past 5+ years than the HS development team (if there is one). A few months back I decided that my HS build wasn't touched for 4+ years so I would update it. I quickly found that there really wasn't anything to update. I got a few new MAME themes and that was about it. I love XBMC/Kodi but wouldn't use for gaming. I've have in the past and it's not up to the task. I use Kodi to launch other FEs (including HS)if I want to play games on my media center. Of course every media center uses 16:9 so HS isn't really practical here. Not sure where you're going with the Yahoo Weather. I don't play video games outside so I don't know how knowing the weather helps. I also have windows in every room in my house so I can just look for myself. If you're implying that Flash a is good thing, I simply disagree for enough reasons that could fill a new thread. I can't disagree here. It's nice for with a CRT. I also don't regret the subscription. I've used HS for years and loved it. I still use it today but only on my cabinet. ---------- You can look at the forums and see how many people have questions, issues, problems, etc. It's about 100 fold of any other FE, trust me I've literally tried them all. You can also look at my posts on the forums and see that I've always helped people to get their setups fixed. I have very few posts about how things work or how I can get something to work. I'm not a new gamer, I'm not an inexperienced PC user, I've be in the IT field for 20+ years and have no issue getting any piece of hardware or software to submit to my will. My point... if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and smells like a duck... it's probably a duck. You'd have to be a quack if you think HS is current, bug free or the best FE in any regard in 2018. I know you've all spent a ton of time on your HS builds and I have too. I have respect for that. When the rats start running off a ship it's time to go. Don't get me wrong. I'll still pop in here because I like the forum and people. I'll still keep my HS build on my cabinet after it's no longer my primary FE. I'll switch to it from time-to-time and check for updates and come back here 10 years from now to reference this thread when it's still on version 1.x.
  15. I can't disagree. HS 2.0 is overdue HyperBase is overdue Widescreen is overdue Long standing controller bugs and loss of controler focus bugs have gone unfixed for years. I still support the community but I have moved on too. My choice of new FE is different from agent47 but I do see him on another forum that I frequent. My cabinet still runs HS but it's time is limited (only because mine is too). The "Hype" was once real. Now the the "Hype" only seems to be hype. Sorry guys but you now have a polished Model T. It will always be beautiful but everyone's seen it and it's lost most of its luster.
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