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  1. Where are you keeping the Mega Drive box sets buddy. cheers

  2. I've been pressing f5 for 10 years also ?, yeah lots of "old" names ?‍♂️
  3. Version 20110210


    I have a PAL "Genesis" from England, the "MEGA DRIVE" so i made a theme for it
  4. Version 20110517


    Genesis Version thx
  5. spoken like a true gent. i'd just like to say awesome work! there's plenty of people who would cash-in given half the talent you and others on this site have......if you plan or are able to release this then great! if not, the HS community wont think anything less of you Bill..... you what have created here (the HS community). is one of the strongest i've seen on any other public forum of any kind. I take my hat of too you fella!
  6. lol oh dear you've been had you can play it on the website tho !!! *** i was too slow
  7. Do you have Hi res pics we could have to draw our own artwork?.... or are you making the artwork public? Top work well done!
  8. Sorry there is not, but it is a lot. Over 35 gigs maybe.

  9. Hi bill is there a list of everything that on the ftp, or a account with only read access, so i can see what avavble.... sorry if this is a silly question.

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