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  1. dsync89

    DosBox Help

    Great that you can get it working. Although I still prefer the D-Fend Reloaded route. Anyways have fun playing those DOS games.
  2. dsync89

    DosBox Help

    Hey there, I just tried to setup Stonekeep using the exoDOS set and it does requires a little bit of extra efforts to set it up. This is unlike most CD games whereby it contains an installation program that installs all the necessary game files or a runnable executables that can run directly. Inside the Stonekeep CD you'll find that it does not have any installation program that installs the game files. There is SETUP.EXE found in the IDATA folder but that is just to configure the sound. You might even tried to run the SK.EXE directly from the CD itself, i.e. E:\DATA\SK.EXE but it will then ask for the CONFIG file, which doesn't exist inside the CD (or at least from the CD I got from exoDOS set. To solve this problem, you'll have to mount the ISO and copy all the contents to your game folder. After that copy the CONFIG file to the DATA folder. Add in extra lines in the config. Then you're golden. Missing CONFIG file. Content of the CONFIG file CD=E:\ reverse=0 full=0 sound=E016 music=A009 soundio=220 musicio=388 dma=1 irq=7 video=svga input=keyboard vidspeed=fast caption_on_ sfx_vol=9 music_vol=9 brightness=0 mouse_sen=5 MOUSE_OPTION=B #MUSIC_DISABLED #SFX_DISABLED Extract all the files from the ISO and copy them to your StoneKeep game folder. Then copy the CONFIG file to your StoneKeep\DATA folder Mount the STONEKEEP.ISO as a drive in D-Fend Reloaded. Yes you still have to mount it despite copying all the CD contents to your StoneKeep game folder previously. StoneKeep will always do a CD check before launching. I did tried to unmount it and change the CONFIG to point to my mounted StoneKeep game folder, no avail. Also mount your StoneKeep game folder. Add in arguments to start the program automatically. Add the SK.EXE as the launching program. Double click on the StoneKeep profile and voila!
  3. dsync89

    DosBox Help

    Hmm did you make sure that you had mounted the ISO in D-Fend Reloaded? Refer to my post in Page 1 here for the screenshot. My vote definitely goes for D-Fend Reloaded as I've been used it for quite a while now and setup most of my DOS games already, both CD image, executables etc. Think of the .prof files as the config file used by D-Fend Reloaded to interpret the settings. If you wanted to you can even convert those .prof files into DOSBOX .conf files
  4. dsync89

    DosBox Help

    Okay that should be a simple fix, all you need is the "DOSBox DOS.prof" file, which I attach here. Simply copy it to the Confs folder and you should be fine. http://www.fast-files.com/getfile.aspx?file=95533
  5. dsync89

    DosBox Help

    You're almost there now. Just add an additional prof to your D-Fend Reloaded emulator in the Rom extension and you're good to go. By the way you should only need to add the prof extension since that is the only input that D-Fend Reloaded requires.
  6. dsync89

    DosBox Help

    Yes essentially what you need to configure in RocketLauncher is simply setup the ROM to point to D-Fend Reloaded config folder. As for booting the ISO, make sure you added the mounting drive to the script first, which is done automatically if you use the D-Fend Reloaded UI. There is also no need to use Daemon Tools Lite or any Virtual CD tools to mount the ISO. As with all DOS games that requires CD, make sure you first install the game program using the wizard: Let me know if it is still unclear and I'll be more than happy to help you out. More love for the MS-DOS :-)
  7. dsync89

    DosBox Help

    Things would be easier if you use FrontEnd such as D-Fend Reloaded. Yes it might sounds weird to call another Front-End within a Front-End, but D-Fend reloaded definitely will help you create those config files with ease in the long run.
  8. dsync89

    Atari ST

    Really thanks for the elaborate explaination craig! Finally figured how GameBase and GameBase ST functioned and integrated them to my HyperSpin setup! Turned out that it's not really hard to setup once you know each of their role. P/S: I'm a fan of your work and downloaded almost all the artworks that you did on other obscure system not found on HyperSync.
  9. It seems like only a few lines of code (just 3) is needed to enable the bezel and hiding the title bar. The following code provided by @craig is not necessary. In fact, enabling them will still show the title bar. disableHideTitleBar := true disableHideToggleMenu := true disableHideBorder := true BezelStart("fixResMode") Here is the config that I've modified. Tested on HyperSpin 1.3.x MEmu = Kat5200 MEmuV = v0.6.2 MURL = http://kat5200.jillybunch.com/ MAuthor = djvj MVersion = 2.0.1 MCRC = 3FDEE537 MID = 635038268901251702 MSystem = "Atari 5200" ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Notes: ; In you emu dir, create a subdir named bios and place the 5200.rom there extracted. ; When you first start kat5200, you will be presented with a Wizard. Set the bios folder you created as your "Atari 8-bit Image Directory" and leave Scan for BIOS? checked. ; While in the wizard, check the Fullscreen box to enable it and set Video Zoom to 2x. ; CLI is supported but doesn't seem to work. So for now, set your video options from the GUI. ; Settings are stored in the kat5200.db3 file. ; Roms must be extracted, zip is not supported ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- StartModule() BezelGUI() FadeInStart() 7z(romPath, romName, romExtension, 7zExtractPath) If romExtension in %7zFormats% ScriptError("Kat5200 only supports extracted roms. Please extract your roms or turn on 7z for this system as the emu is being sent this extension: """ . romExtension . """") BezelStart("fixResMode") Run(executable . " """ . romPath . "\" . romName . romExtension . """", emuPath) WinWait("kat5200 ahk_class SDL_app") WinWaitActive("kat5200 ahk_class SDL_app") BezelDraw() FadeInExit() Process("WaitClose", executable) 7zCleanUp() FadeOutExit() ExitModule() CloseProcess: FadeOutStart() WinClose("kat5200 ahk_class SDL_app") Return
  10. Yay, I've just upgraded myself :)

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