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  1. Don't work for me. In my data folder I've "paulscode.android.mupen64plus". I've try also with this command line: "exe=paulscode.android.mupen64plus/paulscode.android.mupen64plus.MainActivity" but no results, emulator won't launch. ***Edit*** With this it's ok now: exe=paulscode.android.mupen64plus/paulscode.android.mupen64plusae.MainActivity Parameters=
  2. If that can help someone, I use excellent Snes9x EX+ of Robert Broglia for snes and here is my "Super Nintendo Entertainment System.ini" folder (the first lines): [exe info] path=Hyperspin\Emulators\Super Nintendo Entertainment System\ rompath=/storage/sdcard1/ROMS/Super Nintendo/ userompath=true exe=com.explusalpha.Snes9xPlus/com.imagine.BaseActivity romextension=zip parameters= searchsubfolders=false pcgame=false winstate=HIDDEN hyperlaunch=true I have hyperspin at the base of my sdcard1 and ROMS are in sdcard1/ROMS/Super Nintendo. I've all my roms in .zip format so don't forget to edit "romextension=zip" Super Nintendo Entertainment System.rar
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