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  1. And the files inside the folders are correct, with the correct entry? Those folders will only be there if you've installed flash.. A fresh install won't have them
  2. You could see if this makes any difference?
  3. 1) exit should be mapped to Esc , which on my cab (JPac interface) is player 1 (hold), then press Player 2 2)go into your media folder and look for the theme/snap called pktgaldx <=- Delete it The game will still be there, so if you want to not to show at all you'll have to build an XML file without adult games and use that as your mame.xml I think that way they won't show in your wheel
  4. I'm trying to log in to rlauncher.com to download the files... But i ended up find a mega.nz link for version 1.2 (hopefully that's the newest) trying/fighting to do a fresh install on windows 10 of everything
  5. Where do we get rocketlauncher from these days? Trying to login and i get database error, try to create a new account, i get database error...
  6. Yeah i can't do that as the 'video driver' (mirror) that they install interfere's with either crt_emudrivers, or groovymame.. can't remember which.. Edit: Used Remote desktop connection in windows Doesn't require additional mirroring driver to be installed, and increases the resolution to a suitable size Downside was that you have to have a password to be able to log on, so had to make one then remove it when i'd finished so the PC boots without password!
  7. Ok, I've got an issue... My cab has a limited screen resolution, so i can't turn 'sync system' on.. It's below the bottom of the screen at the highest resolution i can go... Does Hypsersync not support low resolutions at all? (ie: windows bars that we can drag.. not sure what it's called) highest i can go is 768x576..
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