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  1. My Indiana Jones and the Pinball Crusade build. Includes complete parts list. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17455 Bill
  2. Just got my final artwork for my Indiana Jones printed!!!!! Seriously....Brad is the man! I have not put them on yet (pics will be coming in my thread), but man is the quality of print amazing for being so large. And the price is great for this quality of print. Anyone looking to get anything printed should be calling Brad. Honestly. Can't recommend him enough!!!! Super easy to work with and a really nice guy on top of it. I want to start another project just so I can get more artwork done. lol. Bill
  3. Would love to see this option or the ability to select which table to start at. Even a random would nice. Hate it starting at the same one every time. Bill
  4. I posted this on vpf but thought I should post my question here as well. Having a few weird issues with WIP10 that I didn't have before upgrading. 1. Exiting tables. I hit my exit key on my pin and the pause/exit menu comes up as normal. I use my flippers to go down to exit on the bottom, but when I hit my start button the table doesn't exit. It just resumes playing. To get it to exit I need to hit my exit button, then hit ENTER on my keyboard. That gets me back to the table selection. What's weird is that when I hit exit from table selection to exit hp I scroll down to exit and hit my start button and that works fine. 2. Ledwiz turning off. I'll load hp and play a table. Ledwiz working fine. Quit out and go to another table and the ledwiz may be off now. What am I doing that would turn it off? Never had this issue before WIP10. 3. Can I still do screenshots of the Backglass screen in WIP10? I used to hit U to take a snapshot of the Backglass. In the settings I just see one key now for screen shot. It was very handy for b2s backglasses to take a snapshot of just that screen and use it for HP. Thanks! Bill
  5. Found another very strange fix for the issue. At least so far it appears to work. If you drag the Windows taskbar to the backglass screen it seems to work correctly. Make any sense to you? I can't imagine why that would cause FPLaunch to exit correctly, but it seems to. Maybe that info could help create a permanent fix in a future version of fplaunch. Bill
  6. The issue I am having definitely seems to be related to UVP. Here is what is happening: I changed my exit key to 'k', but it made no difference. The problem seems to be only on tables that use UVP. For instance. Dolly. Load the table, exit back to HP. Everything is fine. Open it again, exit, now FPLAUNCH doesnt exit and I can't control HP until I end task on it. It seems random for when it happens on the UVP tables. Sometimes they exit cleanly, other times they don't. I'm stumped and I'd rather not have to kill UVP on all the tables just to fix this. Any ideas? Bill
  7. I'm having some strange issues where FPLAUNCH.EXE is not closing when I exit a table. I posted a new thread in the Support forum. Any help is really appreciated! http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?20420-FPLAUNCH-EXE-not-closing-after-I-exit-a-table-Have-to-use-task-manager-to-close-it&p=194728#post194728 Thanks! Bill
  8. I'm definitely interested. What happens on those handful of games that had larger (and I believe higher res) DMD displays? Do they work at all? I'm going to get my cab going with the existing 15.6" LCD, then I'll consider the upgrade after that. Don't want to throw another unknown variable into the mix right now.
  9. WOW. That looks great. Is there any special setup or is it the same config as what everyone uses now? I saw that thread recently. but didn't get a chance to read up on it much. What did the whole setup cost you? I know from having to buy DMD's for pins that they are not cheap. How does this work though considering not all DMD's are the same size? Most are, but I know Sega had some larger ones and I'm sure there are other exceptions too.
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