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  1. Many of you have seen my Indiana Jones build thread. Take a look in my signature if you haven't. When I built that machine I also built two others. I am now selling one of the other 2 that I built. Originally for a friend, then he changed his mind, then I kept it, now I need to sell it. The machine is VERY close to being the same as my Indiana Jones pin. Nearly identical. The only real difference is there are 4 LED's above the playfield instead of 5 (he liked how the 4 looked better than 5...you could always change that later), and only 2 flipper buttons instead of 4. No real difference there since I never ever use my other 2 anyway. A LOT of time went into this. Built to keep, not to sell and it really shows in my opinion. Besides that this thing is the same as mine. Led's, shaker, contactors, gear, knocker, etc, etc. This really does have it all. Asking $4950. PM or email me. Will get pics up later. Thanks Bill
  2. Recreate the artwork yourself. Or have someone that knows how do it for you. You could get it close enough that you'd be happy with it I'm sure. Probably even improve it some. Bill
  3. Cmon. Someone make me an offer. :-) Need to get this thing out of my way. Bill
  4. I can't get to those pics without signing up on the site, but by the name I believe those are the same people who did Hollywood Pinball and some others. Arcades R Fun I believe is their name. They won't sell the graphics alone. I offered to buy one of their designs at one point. They want to sell you an entire machine or nothing at all. My opinion is offer to buy them. If they won't sell them then remake them. It's just art assets you can find anywhere online.
  5. Selling a Mitsubishi LDT422V Commercial Grade 42" Display. $600 obo A friend of mine bought this monitor when he was going to build his cab a while back. He never got around to actually building the cab, but still has this display brand new in the box. It's a killer display. Very expensive, commercial grade display. Obviously local pickup is preferred, but can ship if necessary. Feel free to PM me if you're interested. Thanks Bill
  6. After decasing the monitor there were 3 holes in the top of the metal frame and 3 in the bottom. I put bolts through that to hold it to the wood supports I mounted in the backbox. I Check it out here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?17455-Indiana-Jones-and-the-Pinball-Crusade-(46-28-15)-build-project/page6 Bill
  7. I take offense to this statement. lol. ;-) That is a killer cab. I remember seeing that a while back. It's from an amusement park or something like that if I remember correctly. It's a million times better than the riginal Williams Indy cab. I never cared for that much. Bill
  8. My Indiana Jones and the Pinball Crusade build. Includes complete parts list. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17455 Bill
  9. Yes...the others. They are very close to being done as well. I never really posted much on them since they were sorta clones of mine. Very few differences and pretty much all the same hardware as well. I did not get them done in nearly the amount of time as the first, but between my job and my friend's it became hard to line up our schedules to work on them as frequently as we wanted. They are extremely close to being complete though. Few more things left to do. Thanks for the compliments on the cab. I'm very happy with the results. Bill
  10. This sounds like the problem that occurs when you use the 'LedControl.FastCom=True' statement in your ledcontrol.vbs script. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=23287 I think there is a thread on here about it too. - Bill
  11. I had thought about using my Indy logo, but not sure. Not really sure what type of image comes out the best. Bill
  12. Love the LOTR topper! Wonder how Indy would look? :-) Bill
  13. Could you send me a link to the DMD's you are referring to? The plasma ones as well as the PinLED segmented one that you mentioned barely being able to see the squares on. I had seen a couple segmented ones that I really didn't care for. The squares were totally distracting to me. After owning quite a few real pins and looking at those DMD's, the segmented ones I saw just didn't look nearly as nice. Thanks! Bill
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