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  1. This is the Arcade Party bartop: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=119263.0
  2. Wow, thats a lot of work, impressive! And what buttons did you use?
  3. Ah, I though the wii remotes and the guns were two different devices. Hope you don't mind me asking: but what buttons/rgb led's are you using? The top of the buttons look like OBSC-30 Sanwa's, but when you open the panel, I see screw-in buttons, not snap-ins? Very neat wiring job btw!
  4. Those are really nice builds! In your details video, you mention there is a Wii sensor bar integrated. Are those for using the Nunchucks as well as the lightguns? And can you decide what controller to use for each game as you go play it, or does it need to be configured for every game up-front? (i.e. play with the 360 controller or the control panel) Now, all you need is a mini fridgde in the stand ;-)
  5. Yes, I too want more features. More features must equal better software :-) However, in software development it is not uncommon to release a version of the software and get feedback from the users, how it runs on their computers, how they use it, etc. And use that feedback to add new features on a more robust codebase. But, this is sort-of beside the topic of this thread. Hyperbase Live looks to be an awesome tool and I can't wait to give it a try!
  6. I agree, those sound like awesome features! But I am not sure that it should all be available at launch. Maybe it is a better idea to release new features in the future. That way the current hyperbase live may be released earlier (maybe), be used and tested and made robust. And then provide a solid codebase for futher feature development?
  7. What I meant is: have you made the back panels already? And if so, could you share how their shape fits? From what I can see, they have a special chamfer? @emixama: I'll PM you. I quit facebook and don't want to hijack this thread. But again Manicshere, great build so far!
  8. Looking good! Are the sides and the "base" (the lower part where the PC goes in) still separate pieces at this point of the build? So they can be painted white and black (or any other colours of course) easily? And another question: The backpanels are not shown here, but on Maxime's website they seem to pretty much seal the back of the machine, but the site shows mostly renders it seems (http://www.arcadefromscratch.com/index.php/modeles/la-borne-hd) , so I wonder how they fit on your machine in real life? Keep up the great work, looks to be an awesome machine! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Hope Manic is ok, but I can't wait to see how he is progressing. Looks like an awesome build and a great way to see how well the ArcadeFS plans work for him...
  10. Thanks for the tips, I guess the solution will have to be SSD+HDD (or multiple). I currently have a 2Tb in my cab, but I guess I will have to expand because I currently do not have any of the more "recent" consoles, which have DVD based games... But the backup solution will start to be expensive if I have to backup 4 to 8tb. And before you know it, a "budget build" leads to a revamp of home network :-)
  11. I have been quiet here for a long time as life wanted me to have different priorities :-) Anyway: I sold the pincab last week, after finishing it except for the artwork. The buyer was smitten with the machine and didn't mind the fact that the thing is solid black (apart form all the RGB LED flashers and buttons). I am going to take some decent pictures before it leaves, so I can post them here, or on a website or something. But (unfortunately), the machine will be leaving soon... Back to my arcade cab then :-) Time to dust it off and have a go at (re)installing that.. Jaron
  12. Hi All, I have been away from Hyperspin en HyperPin for a while. Sold the pincab to make room for another "project" (baby on the way), but kept my arcade cabinet. However, I am going to reinstall everything from scratch, because in 2011, when I built the thing, I was running on WinXP and kept running into issues with different emulators, etc etc. So, now I am thinking about installing win7 and possibly giving the PC an upgrade. However, I have a question regarding backing up the machine once it is running, what would be a better setup with backup/restore in mind: 1 large disc to store everything (OS, roms, artwork, all software) to create a drive that's easy to backup or 1 HDD for storing roms and 1 SSD for everything else (I have a 100GB SSD lying around, would that be enough?), have a speedier machine, but a more difficult backup/restore? Jaron
  13. Hi Freezy, I gave pind a try and I really like it! Thanks so much for taking the time to make it and share it with the community! I did run into some issues. I needed to install jsdom on my cabinet (windows xp sp3), but that was easy to fix. But the server app kept crashing a lot. Eventually I figured out that the "jukebox" table I had added seemed to be the problem. I didn't use it anyway, but after removing it from my tables directory (the jukebox required an "empty" table named jukebox.vpt) everything worked fine again. The app still crashes every now and then, and I haven't fully explored the app yet but I was able to select new tables and get them downloaded along with the various images, artwork and media packs. Awesome! Thinking out loud for possible future feature ideas: - Install the app and database on another machine than the pinball computer and have the pinball machine check what to do (download new tables, etc). When shutting down the machine resync with the database. That way it is easy to sit behind a computer to queue tasks without having the pinball machine on all the time. - Updating tables? I don't think this is possible now, but if an update is made to a table I already have (Medieval Madness or AFM are my faves), it would be handy to get the question if the new table should be added or replace an existing table. - Badges and Leaderboard export. Publish the leaderboards on the pind.ch site, or allow people to have them on their own site easily? Anyway, just thinking out loud. I just love that this is available, thank you!
  14. da_bever, maybe it helps if I explain what I did to use those leds: 1) I have a ledwiz powered by USB and GND connected to the GND terminal where all other devices interconnect their GND. 2) Each ledwiz channel goes to a separate channel on a booster board (developed by forum member zebulon). Each booster board is capable of 16 channels, so I needed 2. 3) For each booster board to work, you have to supply 5V (I used Bill's solution and cut up a molex from my PSU) and 12V (from a separate PSU). 4) Connect all the bling to the booster boards, in this case the 5V RGB led's for the flipper buttons. In case of using RGB leds (regardless of voltage), you have to hook them up on three consecutive channels and in the order of Red, Green, Blue (that's a ledwiz requirement). So: Ledwiz powered by USB, connected to booster board which takes 5V and 12V. Connect the RGB leds on three consecutive channels, for example (in my case): 4 (red), 5 (green), 6(blue). I use those three for all four flipper buttons, otherwise it would "cost" three channels on the ledwiz per button. That means that all 4 buttons always have the same color. Hope this helps a bit.
  15. Great work on the tutorials Bent! Thanks for sharing, I will give them a try later...
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