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  1. Cool, thanks for the info. Keep up the good work - your samples clearly show you do a good job of making clean edged art with good color and subject balance.
  2. dfwArcade - just curious if you do you do your own illustrations as well? If so, do you primarily just use digital painting techniques? Looks like a bulk of your week is really well done graphic design with some photo/image manipulation.
  3. Make the change to 7000. Save the table. Restart your computer and try to run the table again. Seems that sometimes old configurations/settings/etc. can cause VP to hang-up. Simply an awesome table gentlemen, the colors, resolution, lighting effects, everything turned out simply spectacular. Made a couple slight tweaks on my set-up to the table layout itself - please comment if you experience these issues as well: 1. Ball would often fall behind the parking target after going up the left ramp as opposed to hitting the target and then continuing down the ramp to the inlanes - added an invisible wall in that area that stopped that problem. 2. Left ramp hit in most situations would send the ball back down the left ramp (due to the speed the ball is going up the ramp and the bounce back?) - added an invisible gate to keep it from coming back down the ramp. 3. Roll the Dice loop behind the bank kept popping the ball back instead of locking n the drop area (due to the ball speed?) - added an invisible gate to keep it from bouncing back out. Would love to hear if this is how it plays for everyone... Additional note, first time I stepped up to a real Monopoly machine I was pretty shocked at how fast it does play compared to most other pinball games - the real deal is super fast, the VP version does a good job of emulating that (maybe a little bit too fast but then I'd just be ni-picking). Thanks again, great table, super pumped I've got it working on my cab.
  4. Nice. Can't wait to see the final build. Is there backbox art as well? Nice touch with Optimus firing a pinball. Too bad it's not G1 with Megatron blasting one out of his arm cannon....
  5. Finally finished up my cab. Decals turned out awesome. They were very easy to apply. I installed them by myself without issue completely bubble free.
  6. Just received my decals from Lucian045 today. They're awesome. The black is nice and deep and the colors and quality are above expectations. Keep in mind if you order decals from him and live in a cold weather climate, let the package sit for several hours before opening and unrolling - long story, but worth your patience.
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