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  2. Your'e welcome mate was happy to help glad you like them
  3. Hopefully what ive posted above will help mate
  4. I didnt realize there was a demand for it but yeah sure I can but it might not be for a week or so if I forget tho feel free to remind me mate.
  5. also a program called Files2Folder may help mate ive not used it with HS but it may help as all it does is move files 2 folders > http://skwire.dcmembers.com/fp/?page=files-2-folder also i posted a batch script in the community united thread aswell for making a text list of the files you have in a folder if that helps mate its here > http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/26764-hyperspin-community-united/?p=241219
  6. I actually have all the xml's from HyperList from the community united project when we was making the spreadsheet anyways i shared in a zip in that thread before but ill add them here for you aswell mate hopefully they will help you out HyperSpin XML's.zip
  7. isnt it fairly similar to the xbox buttons if so maybe thats why people aint getting this as they could just be using xbox buttons that have been around for a while either way it's always nice to have choices with HS Edit: also some people that may like these may not know of their existence as some people dont search the forums and just check downloads section of site.
  8. This is also what I do when possible saves alot of time on waiting for games to extract when wanting to play deffinately has advantages over having games in various zip archives in my opinion but some people would prefer to keep the files/roms/games in their original integrity but that's just personal preference
  9. I don't actually use an SSD but assume that would be fine but maybe I could help you clear up what the extraction process I assume your referring to is for when your games are in a .zip archive and the emulator doesnt't support them (some emulators do support .zip tho) a good example here would be if you had a gamecube game in a .zip archive and wanted to play it it would need extracting 1st so you can play in this case once setup within HS/RL when you go to launch that game it will extract to a temporary location so you can play and then remove the temporary files after closed if my info is wrong (which i believe it isn't) im sure someone else here will correct me anyways hope this helps you understand mate
  10. i dont use them but i believe what you are refering to are these > http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/9751-my-best-of-listings/ so link's here for anyone that wants them Edit: sorry didnt see you found the thread but still the link i shared may be of some help aswell
  11. i believe rocketlauncher changed its location it looks for in a recent update i believe to fix your issue you have to rename the "Wheels" folder in the rocketlancher media folder to "Logos" hopefully that fixes your issue mate
  12. 144 downloads

    I was looking for a Nintendo 64DD Pointer and could not find any so I modified the Nintendo 64 pointer that everyone seems to have and made a couple of Nintendo 64DD Pointers from it nothing to special but figured I would share them as some of you may want them anyways enjoy
  13. Your welcome mate but dont forget about Giga and others that have offered assistance aswell
  14. I believe it also supports mp4 aswell
  15. Just an idea for the orignal poster is that ive heard alot of people replace this video with something that suits them ive seen video's of static commonly used.
  16. 103 downloads

    I was looking for a Nintendo Pokemon Mini Pointer and could not find any so I modified another pointer that matched what i was looking for and added the pokemon mini logo to it so nothing to special but figured I would share as some of you may want it anyways enjoy
  17. looks like you have alot of obscure systems in there (i like to add obscure systems to HS) bookmarked your site for later reference thanks mate
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