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  1. race against HS2.0 hehehehehe Gesendet von meinem LG-P880 mit Tapatalk
  2. thank you for the update. that aside, are you the same frostbyte as from the german wii community? Gesendet von meinem LG-P880 mit Tapatalk
  3. i am using symlinks to speed up access times on hdd. roms and vidoes each are on separate hdd. soon i will move to ssd anyway, and only link from install dir to content dirs Gesendet von meinem LG-P880 mit Tapatalk
  4. trolling, scnr. Xzibit anyone? Gesendet von meinem LG-P880 mit Tapatalk
  5. RodentVienna

    Mame 0.153

    MAME 0.153 broken: http://mamedev.emulab.it/haze/2014/04/17/ume-0-153ex1/ http://mame32fx.altervista.org/home.htm I did a quick DB myself, contains around 3000 games including some clones. if interested i can share. /A
  6. RodentVienna

    Mame 0.153

    please not another clrmamepro tutorial. actually it is so simple. and googling clrmamepro or cmpro tutorial brings valuable and pretty forwarding info. Gesendet von meinem LG-P880 mit Tapatalk
  7. for linux actually existing is a full distribution called "aglad" built by fello german emulant "zagadka". full multires support and pre-configured emulators our of the box. google it. Gesendet von meinem LG-P880 mit Tapatalk
  8. this initiative is great! guys, to widen up the content delivered in HS default XML is wonderful, and once again shows how much the proper DB manipulating tools are for the user. kudos to emb and xttx as well! One request: Please also allow/include other translations than English. I understand in terms of completeness factor, this is a harsh request, but in terms of "user based decision making in creating personalized gamelists", this would be awesome! It also would be nice, if any workflow you plan for the future "can" allow hacked/pirated games, though not "officially" supported from your end. I am working heavily (within my limited resources/time/professional knowledge) to aid the process of "creating personalized HS XML DBs"; end 2 end. Right now I am thinking of a custom application which functions as an XML parser/merge tool, that can be fed to emb's don's list generator... still a long road to go. Thanks once again for your initiative! kind regards Alex
  9. RodentVienna

    Joystick Settings

    joystick support ist so eine sache... ich habe am cab alles nur mehr via tastaturemu xpadder in betrieb. das funktioniert seitdem astrein. davor hatte ich auch nur probleme (gamepadhacks) gib xpadder eine chance. bisschen einarbeitung, und läuft dann auch toll. lg alex
  10. im native german speaking. this is not a request for buying HS, but for payed services in setup support. he claims to have all data, but needs someone to complete the puzzle. /alex
  11. i WANT to upgrade from Gold to Platinum AND have emumovies, but atm i CANT afford. I really hope this offer is still on the table in 1-2 months. thanks alex
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