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  1. Ok it's working ! Thank you very much Rambo32 !
  2. Still doesn't work When i load a cdi game, i am on the cdi menu, then i go to mame core option and i put Enable in-game mouse to on, then i go to retroarch general setting, then input, the input user 1 binds and User 1 Mouse index to 1.
  3. Hi rambo32, I do care ! I have the same problems you had before, mean i have the blue cdi loading screen but i can't satart any games How did you succed ?
  4. thatman84Hello can you direct launch games on Hyperspin Android for : MS-DOS COMMODORE AMIGA If you can, how ? Emulators... exe in setting.. Thanks a lot
  5. Thanks a lot Sting.... I need your help.. What do you need ? All my setting or just that i have posted ?
  6. Hello thanks a lot for your message Sting but it not runs !! Can you help me --> there is probably a problem in my 3do setting android. [exe info] path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\Panasonic 3DO\ rompath=Emulators/Panasonic 3DO/roms userompath=true exe=ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer/ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer.EmuActivity romextension=iso,cue parameters= searchsubfolders=true pcgame=false Thanks !!!!
  7. I agree with you reznate The emulation and speed of the emulator Real3DoPlayer is superior than RetroArch !!! But I can t lauch direct a game on Hyperspin --> list of game I just need the exe line OK Sorry for my poor english ... lol
  8. Is someone can lauch Amstrad CPC on Hyperspin Android ? If it runs, with droidcpc ? retroarch ? Can you give me the settings line exe .. Thanks a lot !!
  9. Hello , following the update Android Real3DOPlayer I unable to launch direct roms 3do from Hyperspin.. Can you give me the command line in the setting file exe=ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer/ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer.MainActivity --> list of the games romextension=iso,cue parameters= I ve also tested exe=ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer/ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer.EmulatorActivity --> doesnt work exe=ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer/ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer.ExFilePickerActivity --> doesnt work It doesn t work !!!! Please Help !!! ;-) Otherwise, the emulator and the games are playable with shield controller on my shield tablet
  10. how did you manage to get sega st-v games to work? Sega ST V is played with mame..
  11. I confirm, This is all my systems emulated on my Hyperspin ANDROID on my SHIELD TABLET
  12. Hello My Hyperspin list OK on my shield tablet with micro sd 200 go : 1 Commodore 64 2 ZX Spectrum 3 GCE Vectrex 4 Entex AdventureVision 5 Atari 2600 6 Atari 5200 7 Atari 7800 8 Mattel Intellivision 9 Bally Astrocade 10 ColecoVision 11 Amstrad GX 4000 12 Casio PV-1000 13 MSX 14 Sega SG-1000 15 Nintendo Entertainment System 16 Sega Genesis - Megadrive 17 Sega Master System 18 Sega 32X 19 Sega CD 20 Super Nintendo Entertainment System 21 NEC TurboGrafx-16 - PC ENGINE 22 NEC TurboGrafx CD - PC ENGINE CD 23 NEC SuperGrafx 24 Panasonic 3DO 25 Sony Playstation 26 Sega Saturn 27 Nintendo 64 28 Sega Dreamcast 29 Game & Watch 30 Supervision 31 Creatronic Mega Duck 32 Atari Lynx 33 Bandai WonderSwan 34 Bandai WonderSwan Color 35 Nintendo Game Boy 36 Nintendo Game Boy Color 37 SNK Neo Geo 38 SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color 39 Sega Game Gear 40 Nintendo Virtual Boy 41 Nintendo DS 42 Sony PSP 43 Sony PSP Minis 44 Commodore 64 45 AAE Another Arcade Emulator 46 Atlus 47 Capcom CPS I 48 Capcom CPS II 49 Capcom CPS III 50 Cave 51 Data East Classics 52 Irem Classics 53 Kaneko 54 Konami 55 MAME 56 MAME Arcade Classics 57 Nintendo Arcade Systems 58 Midway 59 Sega ST-V 60 Sega system 16 61 ShmupMame 62 Technos Arcade 63 Technos Japan Corp 64 Doom 65 Android System 66 Pinball Arcade
  13. Hello I have 2 problèms with retroarch on hyperspin android 1 I can t quit a game and retun on game wheel of the system I don t kwow the settings of retroarch and How saving a new config 2 overlay display of the buttons on screen .. How hide ? Thanks a lot.. Sorry for my bad english I am french
  14. I have the same problem on my shield tablet I have to wait and see
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