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  1. You are correct nuker43! Unchecked that box and everything works again.
  2. Ok I think I figured out what's going on with this. I was using the Roms Only filter that BBB put in this release, and disabling it for the above systems allowed me back into those wheels. So my guess is that the filter has trouble with .7z and/or subfolders?
  3. Well, Circo is talking about using Keymappers such as Xpadder, as opposed to the internal joystick support of HS to navigate the HS menus. This is applicable to both 1.2 and 1.3. By far, the most popular Keymapper out there is Xpadder. Check out this thread for starters. The first post is an introduction to Hyperlaunch 2, which has many useful features built into it. It's main purpose is to provide ideal configurations for pretty much every decent emulator out there, but it also has some built-in nifty features, one of which being Keymapper support. I suggest you read the entire first post as a primer to Hyperlaunch 2. Basically, a Keymapper takes your controller and turns it into a mini-keyboard. Why is this useful? Generally speaking, supporting keyboards is generally easier than supporting joysticks. The other main advantage is that it allows you access to unique solutions to interface problems. For example, programming all your emulators using their internal joystick plugins can be confusing and lead to problems. Sometimes, something as simple as unplugging your controllers and plugging them back in can reset the way the controllers are read, and then you'll have to go back to that emulator and reconfigure it. Instead, use Xpadder to manage your controllers, and it keeps these settings from changing. I recommend you use Xpadder for all emulators in which the native system does not use joysticks on their controllers (ie. NES and Sega Genesis). For controllers with native joysticks (MAME, Atari, N64), Xpadder is still quite useful for maintaining static controller settings. I have found that setting up a blank profile for a system with joysticks, and then using that emulator's internal joystick setups to configure the controllers has helped make sure that my p1 controller will always be my p1 controller. Xpadder is just good like that. The Hyperlaunch forums in are a good place to get info on setting everything up properly. Generally speaking, if you post in there, you'll get the help you need.
  4. It happens with every subwheel theme I've tried. All my main wheel themes work fine, though. But yeah, once in a game wheel, the first game the theme loads on is the only game it will show up for, and then both game videos and artwork won't work in that wheel for any game. For the record, I have tried both 1.3 and 1.3.1. It's also worth noting that if a game has it's own theme, that will load, and then the first game I select after that will load, but beyond that, nothing loads. You are indeed correct, as djvj pointed out. I forgot to load my little ahk script on startup of HS to start Xpadder. Yeah I've been using a script similar to that. I have a startup script that launches Xpadder, and an exit script that closes it. If I listed Hyperlaunch as a startup program for Hyperspin, would it accomplish this for me? I only use Xpadder for Hyperspin, so I don't want it open unless Hyperspin is open. EDIT: It seems some of my wheels no longer work. My Sega Saturn wheel now crashes Hyperspin. When I try to enter Dreamcast, Playstation, and another wheel i cant remember, it looks like it tries to load and then brings me back to the main wheel.
  5. Yeah I tried that, still no go. If it's not HS 1.3 related, then I don't wanna derail the thread. Maybe I'll start another thread somewhere else. EDIT: For some reason, my hyperspin xpadder profiles don't load sometimes. Once I'm in the emulator, those profiles work fine, and when I exit out again, the hyperspin profiles kick back in. I know that didn't happen before.
  6. Just updated to 1.3, and wow, the wheels are gorgeous now! I have also noticed that only the first video loads for each of my game wheels. Is this going to be fixed in an update? Or should I check off the "Reload Backgrounds" for all of my wheels? I don't mind waiting if its something that will be fixed. Also with Xbox 360 controllers: I use Xpadder to map my keys, and I find that using the joysticks is really finicky. With my Logitech controllers, everything seems to work fine. Is this 1.3 related? Or have I just not used my xbox controller in awhile?
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