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  1. I sold the machine late Jan of 2015. Here it is may and I find myself missing it so I have decided to build a second machine. This time instead of building from scratch I decided to rescue A 1974 Bally Amigo machine that was in bad shape. Will start a new build log and hopefully do a better job this time arround.
  2. Update Jan 2015 Machine has been running flawlessly. Still running windows XP SP3, Hyperpin, Visual Pinball 9.2.1 (222 Tables), Future Pinball (91 Tables). Multiple people have played this machine and requiested to buy it. Don't know if I could part with it unless to fund a new build. Tried Pinballx and the steamfx but removed them. No further updates planned for this machine. Have a complete backup image of machine on external usb hard drive. Will see if this machine can stand test of time. Happy new year all
  3. Update Aug 2013 It seems hyperpin is stalled in the updates and development department. What a shame it is my hope someday a renewed effort appears. I have been exploring the use of pinballx which seems to work ok but thus far hyperpin powers my machine on boot up. The mysticball machine still runs flawlessly and has 209 vp tables and 105 Fp tables, plus steam zen fx2. I have converted all tables animated back glasses from uvp to directb2s, and used pin gen to capture all missing artwork, back glass, table preview videos. Still using the accelerometer for nudging which working great both for vp and Fp. Unfortunately I still need to do pacled and simple knocker for adding credits. This machine has been a great hobby and is used regularly.
  4. Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's out there. It's been over a year since I last posted in this thread. The table now has 205 visual pinball tables and 101 future pinball tables. Have a collection of uvp and b2b back glasses, the majority of them are uvp. Nudging solution working flawlessly (accelerometer), Still no pacled64 in place. Machine is played regularly by kids and I. Love this machine Just want to make a plug for Hyperpin 2.0, please consider letting us know if this will materialize!!!
  5. Could you share with us how this initiative is making out? Will this be the efforts of just one programmer or a group that builds components of a whole.?
  6. No question Bowman signs did a great job on my printing and custom artwork design.
  7. Looks fabulous! Wait till you get it on your machine, its gonna knock your socks off.
  8. Update: I have a working nudging solution finally in my mystic-ball cab. Yahoo, product is actionxl motion controller that has a two buttons and accellerometer. Will be replacing it with an ms sidewinder pro in future but for now it works in both my virtual pinball and future pinball tables. Artwork from lucian045 applied and makes the machine look amazing. Still have to get my illuminated buttons set up and working with my pacled64. Gonna get my coin door operational to accept coins and enable my service buttons on coin door to work (allow volume up/down, etc) Considering getting a compactor for coins and credit awards. Going to add fan to bottom of cabinet to draw air in from front of cab to improve airflow to my 3 rear airflow fans. Going to modify playfield mounting and access to computer hardware. Right now 37 in screen rests on top of four corner posts inside of cabinet walls. Not sure how i'm going to tackel this one yet. Backup and recovery of hard drive plan is 3 folders on the pinball hard drive (copy of hyperpin folder, copy of games folder, copy of virtual pinball folder), these same folders are copied to my home san. In the event of a hard drive failure or pc replacement i would simply reinstall windows xp and sundry of windows updates, vp, hyperpin, futurepinball. Then copy my folders back from the san. Yup still alot of things to do on this project, but kids love it and it gets used frequently!
  9. I received my artwork this week for my pincab. All I can say is wow and omg! This guy is fantastic, product is top notch, service is quick and prompt. Application of decals applies easily without leaving bubbles. Youtube video avail to walk you thru the process. Could not beleive the difference the artwork made to the overall appearance of my cabinet. I even asked lucian045 to sign his name to the artwork because the machine now feels like a work of art. His name appears in the top left corner of the front of the machine. Thank you lucian045 !
  10. Well its picture time again. Let me introduce the machine renamed as Mystic-ball after my favorite machine mystic Here is the machine without artwork Here is machine with new artwork applied
  11. How did this work out ? I Have a spare SixAxis PS3 controller lying arround and could put it into my cabinet. Love to try it for nudging in my cabinet.
  12. Here is the latest updates in my pinball world. My refurbishment project of an original Williams 1978 Phoenix table is gaining momentum. Originally this table was gonna be gutted and used for my virtual pinball project. I replaced the solenoid driver board and 6 solenoids. Founds some shorted and miss wired coils from previous owner. Machine now has three solenoids on right target banks that are not working, but everything else running perfectly. This week i bite the bullet and decided not to use the stencil artwork theme of black hole and hire a top gun decal artist to create a pinball artwork theme for me! My machine still is with out a working nudging solution, which is my biggest disappointment on this project. I am confident sometime soon a tried and true solution will surface. I think my next experiment in this area will be the ms sidewinder mounted in cabinet. Thie machine is without working led buttons. Thinking about using ledblinky but made no progress here. Have a bunch of missing hyperpin media stuff like preview backglasses, wheel images, table previews but sure some of those will surface one day. Missing two full screen tables for my collection Mystic and Phoenix Thats it for now
  13. Any one want to share their artwork that will be re used on my pin cabinet. Artwork and i dont get along so I'm reaching to the community for something to use on my beast. Please pm me if you have something you'd like to share that i can have printed for my machine. Plagurism is the greatest form of flattery
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