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  1. No question Bowman signs did a great job on my printing and custom artwork design.
  2. Looks fabulous! Wait till you get it on your machine, its gonna knock your socks off.
  3. I received my artwork this week for my pincab. All I can say is wow and omg! This guy is fantastic, product is top notch, service is quick and prompt. Application of decals applies easily without leaving bubbles. Youtube video avail to walk you thru the process. Could not beleive the difference the artwork made to the overall appearance of my cabinet. I even asked lucian045 to sign his name to the artwork because the machine now feels like a work of art. His name appears in the top left corner of the front of the machine. Thank you lucian045 !
  4. Any one want to share their artwork that will be re used on my pin cabinet. Artwork and i dont get along so I'm reaching to the community for something to use on my beast. Please pm me if you have something you'd like to share that i can have printed for my machine. Plagurism is the greatest form of flattery
  5. Do you have a template or something that you use for orders? As well how about a generic group of themes or sample that a person could choose from. I have been kicking arround the idea of getting something generic for my pinball machine for months. Originally i was gonna go with a stencil approach of graphics like 70 tables or black hole theme. Now i'd rather just go with something else because i'm not artistic enough to create it or dont want to do something with photo shop. Do you have anything to fit the bill?
  6. The pause and unpause did bring focus back to the table. Blur i will check. Yup that did it blur, I set to nt compat and first lauch of table got the focus.
  7. I don't know if this is a focus issue or what but many times when i start up the machine and launch the first table (any table) it starts the table but rendering table message remains. The table is started but the rendering message remains. I need to get out the keyboard and press alt tab to get the focus back to the table. I'm running version 294 wip so i dont know what the problem is. It does not happen all the time but at least 60% of the time. I also found that if i play my first game, say star trek 25 anniversary and shutdown the machine power it off then turn the machine back on and play star trek 25 anniversary, i dont have a problem with the rendering table message. This may just be a fluke but the rendering table / focus issue is becoming a pain in the but.
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