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  1. I am def interested, this would be great! Since this is an old post and nobody has replied, is there any interest with rom hacks for HS? I will continue searching the forums.
  2. ok, ill look into that. ty.
  3. Does anyone know where I can find Steam Themes?
  4. For some reason Sega Model 2 is only downloading 23 of the 56 game videos from emu movies. Any Ideas on why this is happening?
  5. I set up my controller in HQ, all keys have been set correctly, and were recognized by the program. But for some reason when I enter HS all the HQ controls work, except the analog stick. I have no idea why this started happening all of a sudden when it had been working fine? All my emulators still work with the analog stick enabled, its just scrolling through the wheel in HS that doesn't work. Any ideas why this would be happening?
  6. download the latest directx version

  7. Hey Ted, you were very helpful the other day. I am having a new problem with Mame and was wondering if you knew of a solution. I installed Mame .143 on a new PC and when I try and open it I get the error messages "unable to create direct3d device", "unable to intialize direct3d", and "unable to create window creation". Mame attempts to start, then crashes. What do you think?

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