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  1. sebnec

    SETTINGS: Android emulator settings

    Thanks for the information, I didn't know about the Premium accounts. I'll give money to support developers later, they deserve it. But I'm sorry I have to tell you that your answer to my message is irrelevant. I talked about the community, about the fact that users should share their experience, give informations to other ones and not just expect to get answers to their questions and never come back in this forum. I never meant to ask people fund the development of Hyperspin, even if your intention is good that's another topic : we could give as much money possible, it won't help up set Hyperspin correctly on our Android devices, only its community will help !
  2. sebnec

    SETTINGS: Android emulator settings

    Hi, I have a problem with Atari 2600, 5200 and 7600 games that can't launch on my system : I'm using .bin roms, maybe the problem comes from this ? Would it be possible that you share your ini file with me, please ? At the contrary, I have no problem with the Lynx emulator. Did you solve your problem or can I help you ? Now I have to find a way to lauch Mega CD and PC Engine CD games : I didn't even find videos and config files for it, so I can't lauch any game. I have to find a fully working pack or at least to understand how Hyperspin works when you decide to create your own game list. NOTE TO ALL : for the sake of all Shield users we have to keep this topic alive, so please come and give the most informations you can. To those who only posted one message or two, don't hesitate to come back and share your experience, even when your problem is solved ; this is how a community grows.
  3. sebnec

    SETTINGS: Android emulator settings

    I successfully set the Genesis / Mega Drive emu on my system. If you need it, I can share my .ini with you. Tell me.
  4. sebnec

    SETTINGS: Android emulator settings

    Hi, caffeinepills, are you still round here ? Cause I had exactly the same problem as you and I solved it easily by downloading - in my case, via the Google play store on my computer - MAME4droid (0.139u1). Now everything works fine and I can even launch any game I want (previously, when I used MAME 2003 and MAME 2014 from RetroArch, some games would launch on one emulator and not on the other, which was a problem when using Hyperspin). Hopefully this information will help someone else.