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    agent47, Thank you for the reply.
  2. mek1

    Default Videos

    Metalzoic, Yes, I have tried that both when removing the "No Video.flv" located in "\Media\Frontend\Video" and while leaving it in place. In neither instance does the video showing the boot screen for Commodore 64, which for this purpose of testing I've renamed "No Video.flv" located in " \Media\Commodore 64\Video", appear. Of course, I know that I can simply replace the "No Video.flv" located in "\Media\Frontend\Video" but this replacement will be universal to all systems such that any game lacking a corresponding video on any system shows the exact same video where I would like a system-specific video to appear.
  3. mek1

    Default Videos

    I'd like to know if it is possible to have a system specific default video, meaning that if a particular item in the system's database file does not have a corresponding video file, then a particular video set for that system will load each time rather than the "No Video.flv" located in "\Media\Frontend\Video". For example, I would like it so that when I am browsing my roms from within my Commodore 64 system wheel, that a video showing the on-boot screen, as seen here, will appear for all games that lack a game specific video. As a very particular example, I have an entry in my database of "Intergalactic Cage Match (1987)(Mastertronic)[a](tap)" and there is no video called "Intergalactic Cage Match (1987)(Mastertronic)[a](tap).mp4" within the "Media\Commodore 64\Video". When, I go to this entry in HyperSpin, the "No Video.flv" plays but I would like for a video, perhaps named default.mp4 located in "Media\Commodore 64\Video" that displays the boot screen as I mentioned in the aforementioned youtube link, rather than the "No Video.flv". I believe that this is not possible and that my solution would be to rename my video showing the boot screen to "Intergalactic Cage Match (1987)(Mastertronic)[a](tap).mp4" for this particular game. If I want every game lacking a corresponding video to show this boot screen, I would need to copy this boot screen video many times over and rename each one so that it has the name of the corresponding xml entry that lacks a video. I find this to be a waste of time and hard drive space as I think that Hyperspin should support the ability to set default videos and other default artworks as well, if it already does not. I think this should be an easy feature to write code for as well.
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