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  1. sudopinion


    Version .99 Beta


    The main features of RoM-Jacket include: Automated HTPC frontend setup Per-Game settings management Game asset consolidation Executable ROM creation. http://www.hyperspin...-jacket-99beta/ What is it? RoM-Jacket creates a native Windows application layer for retro-emulation. It is a comprehensive utility for any ROM library and is the ONLY ROM-library management tool which enables per-game settings. What do I need this for? RoM-Jacket can automatically setup HTPC frontends, emulators and joysticks. The goal of this project is to unify the interface for emulators and systems in order to maintain the integrity of ROM titles as they exist in an active HTPC gaming-library. What else can it do? Download torrents, magnets, urls and automatically identify, extract and catalog ROMs and BIOS files Mirror your saves and save-states into a cloud (Dropbox/GDrive/OneDrive) Convert ROMs into portable executables
  2. On behalf of myself and all the other self-entitled nay-Sayers who have thoroughly doubted your dedication and commitment, let me be the first to say: Get back to work.
  3. fame-shadow, having multiple versions of xpadder on your computer can cause issues. Delete romjacket's xpadder folder, initialize romjacket and when prompted to locate/install xpadder, locate the one you're using with hlhq.
  4. They are removing features and extending the wait time for the nag screen.
  5. you can buy a hori pad on amazon for only $437.00 plus shipping. the sfiv pad might be what you're looking for.
  6. confirmed. Dr. Claw's Dump and Pump and The Snuggler are not present.
  7. game ex is superior in almost every way to all other fe's. unfortunately it just looks boring and the fact that you gotta pay to make it usable turns it into a sub-par application.
  8. set the YIQ=0 and report back. that creates lag for me.
  9. Hipersprin 3 is gunna be sooper cool brully. also, make it so there's more xmls on the screen stuff.
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