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  1. Version 20160123


    OH LOOK, THIS MISERABLE GOODY-GOODY MADE A THEME FOR MY GAME FOR HYPERSPIN! WRETCHED CHILD! Okay, back in character, this is my second Hyperspin theme for IM Meen for DOSBox on Hyperspin frontend, I see lack of this on an arcade cabinet. And like my previous post, it has the wheel logo in it. IM Meen © Simon and Schuster, CBS, Animation Magic and Matthew Sughrue
  2. Version 20160120


    My first theme for the Hyperspin arcade frontend, mainly because a 2D Fighter Maker game ended up on the Hyperspin frontend and I would love to see Fighting Is Magic in an arcade cabinet, or any arcade for PC. This is a theme for Crashie-PP's Fighting Is Magic Premium, another endeavor to revive a fighting game based on My Little Pony, which the game was cancelled because of Hasbro's C&D sent to Mane6 (before working on Them's Fighting Herds with Lauren Faust.) with the leaked EVO 2012 build. NOTE: Also contains wheel. MLP © Hasbro Fighting Is Magic and FIM Premium © Crashie-PP and Mane6
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