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  1. Version v1.0


    CSV Database Info Editor , contains csv files based on Hyperlist. In these csv files you will find information for Rom Name Game Name Developer Publisher Genre Rating Players Score based On 0.0 - 5.0 Description based on review or Game description. The intention is that people chip in and add info using the built in MobyGames scraper or just using the google search button as this is version 1 file uploads still need to be addressed , so manual uploading will be required you can post links to any update you do in this thread and I will add to the GitHub or you can directly upload To the Git In My sig Any Ahk help to Better this application is more than welcome Future plans ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Add tab to export the csv files to various output formats for different frontends
  2. 826 downloads

    Casio PV-2000 2d box art
  3. 398 downloads

    Casio Pv-1000 2d boxes
  4. I've had this for months when I search something in google. however I'm trying to duplicate it now and its taking me to emu movies. will post if I can get it do duplicate it.
  5. XnConvert is a pretty simple app , it will allow you to resize them for free. incase no one does a 16.9 set
  6. @spawk you could use them but batch them in photoshop reducing width to 75%
  7. are the wheels for future pinball uploaded already had a look on ftp but couldn't see them.
  8. think your asking in the worng place here, I don't think that is anything to do with hyperspin - maybe just someone who as setup a site to look like it belongs to hyperspin
  9. might need a little tweaking but I made these today
  10. ive already started c64 , cpc , zx spectrum , Atari st , and mfme fruit machine emulators . hopefully with permission I should be able to get the lists of what's needed for each system, obviously the first 4 databases are quite large so plenty of help is appreciated.
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