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  1. Found another, Playchoice: RC_ProAM has Punchout theme. Is it ok to add to this thread as I find them?
  2. Recently added "Commodore Amiga" to systems and let HyperSync do it's thing, it defaults 'AAE' as it's main screen theme. Just thought you should know. Probably have it in the HyperSync server wrong? I haven't seen 'yet' anything out of the ordinary with the vanilla systems included with HS. I'll post if I do.
  3. I've been running HS for years and updated to 1.5.1. My PC is currently updated with recent windows updates. My suggestion is to go to the HS folder you have it in right click on the HS.exe - go to compatibility and checkmark 'run as administrator'. then give it a try. I suggest you do the same to Hyperlaunch, Rocket Launcher, and hell even HQ, and Hypersync.
  4. Ok Cool! With that said, Mame is usually the only system really that gets updated frequently, is there a person or thread that does the current XML for the Mame system? Or maybe even a thread that can show me how to create my own updated XML each month using the previous XML and all it's existing info? I remember seeing one person posting an XML that has been filtered, no mahjong, casino etc.
  5. Ok, so I must be thinking of the XML? Where does RocketLauncher get it's games list from in the audit? And I actually have all of the CHDs in my Mame roms folder, but they are the "missing" when I do the RL audit.
  6. Hey Gang! Recently gone platinum and refueled my fire for Hyperspin, it was a kindling fire for the last 4 years as I just enjoyed what I had so far. With that said, going into Rocket Launcher and doing an audit on each emulator I have set up, I go to "missing roms" and I am missing some which I can find out there on the interwebz of course, but then I get to Mame, and it seems that the CHDs are the ones missing. Is that an AHK thing or do I not have the rom directory set up right or is it an AHK thing? Or am I really in the wrong place to ask this question. *shrugs* But looking at Hyperlist, there are no AHK files to be had like there was or am I missing something altogether? TIA.
  7. Gothicplsur

    Sling 2?

    I was able to connect tonite! I'm updating as we speak. Thank the admins, development team and community for all of their hard work putting together all the artworks. Hyperspin has always been my frontend for years. and going Platinum this past week was well worth it after all these years. Thanks Again!
  8. Gothicplsur

    Sling 2?

    Any update on this? I just went Platinum a couple days ago.
  9. Why does my anti-virus (It's Microsoft Essentials since I don't surf porn or stupid sites on my PC) Go ape shit and deletes the Hyperspin.exe and icon shortcut every time I reboot?
  10. I've had windows 10 since the update release, I've had no problems running anything with HS, the only issue I have is in HQ when selecting a path for ROMS and VIDEOS the window to select the folder gets buggie and shuts down HQ if I'm fast enough I can select the folder and be done with it but it takes a few tries, other than that everything in HS/RL/HQ works fine for me.
  11. Any upgrade to mame prior to 162 is worth upgrading to... 162 has the integration of mess/mame if you don't care about older consoles like Atari, segas being added I would say upgrade to at least 160, a good round number. For me I'm updated completely as it's more of an obsession to have the latest which is .166... Do I used all of what it offers no, but like I said it's being complete. or OCD one of the two.
  12. I used "hyper helper" for my cabinet setup with a second monitor up top for marquees, it was a lot easier to set up than Hyper Marquee, since I spent hours with HM only to delete it all in frustration since the videos posted were so vague and no REAL tutorial has been made showing paths and step by step setup. If you're only going to use it to display marquees, Hyper Helper is the better way to go. Plus it displays wheel art for the other system by using the "wheel" artwork when cycling thru games.
  13. Gothicplsur = Well Let's See, "Goth" Came From When I Used To DJ For A Local Radio Station I Always Wore Black, When I Got Hired On I Had A Mohawk (shaved head on the sides) So The Other DJs Picked The Name For Me As My "Radio Name". On Fridays and certain nights I would be at the local nightclubs hosting "hot body" contests, wet T-shirt contests, and promoting the radio station. When you're in radio, you're kind of like a local celebrity and I got to be very well known on the local club scene and well when you're on the radio women throw themselves at you (tough job I know) and the girls coined the phrase give me some of that "Gothic Pleasure" therefore it was set in stone. Hey, You asked. LoL
  14. 27 inch CRT... couldn't be more happier...
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