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  1. Just stopping by to say hi

  2. I use a small program called Assemble to do this for me, works great. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NTRM6QIU
  3. Nice work on the NES carts ..... Keep working on it. You have come so far in the last couple months.

  4. Dam , Stay strong keep me posted.

  5. Thx, yeah my mom was out of the hospital but she's back in. They had to do emergency surgery to remove her spleen, now she is back in because of something else going on, not sure what.

  6. Stopping by top check up on ya. I hope all is well.

  7. I hope you are feeling better bro. I hope you mom is doing better.:itsme:

  8. dpar

    Ha that is funny, I didn't even notice those Hi Res scans on there! Looks like they have several ones that weren't anywhere else too. Sweet!

  9. SophT

    wow thanks dude. Actually they do have some nice scans on there. Click on the box picture and it takes you to another page with a small 'scan' thumbnail. Click on that and you get a hi-res version like this:


  10. dpar

    Hey Sopht! I am still working on those genesis wheels getting pretty close, I think I have about 50 to go or so. anyways, I found a different site totally by accident that has a lot of boxes for genesis, they are pics not scans but decent quality. I am not good with box art so I don't know if they are usable for you but take a look, it had quite a few boxes on there that couldn't find anything anywhere else and at least they are maybe readable for those few that there isn't anything else available


  11. Well considering there are already several threads related to emulating ds already on here over the past couple months, I would say it is ok. If BBB wasn't ok with it I'm sure he would say so. Of course it is all up to Bill, no one said it wasn't, I was just pointing out the facts of the case.
  12. There is nothing wrong with talking about emulating any system whatsoever. Now yes talking about where to download roms etc is a different story, however there is nothing illegal whatsoever about emulating a system on your pc. You can emulate whatever you want as long as you own a legal copy of any games you emulate. So in short any talk about emulation = perfectly fine, any talk about downloading games you do not own = not fine.
  13. You can just do what I did Sopht, which was my problem with xpadder. Just create a batch file to run as many exe's as you want, then compile that into exe, and then use instantsheller and point it to your exe. That way you can have everything startup before hyperspin on startup without issues, works great.
  14. Thx for the logo Brian. I now have everything set up perfectly. Only issue I had was xpadder not running properly but fixed that by making a small exe to run it before hyperspin.
  15. Nevermind I figured out how to get it to exit everything properly.
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